Siesta key beach wedding; It must be love!

A Siesta key beach wedding is something dreams are made of. Couples come from all over this country and from far away parts of this world just to experience the beauty of Siesta key beach with its crystal cool white sand. Read our post on Siesta keys hidden beach wedding locations and if you're going to have a Siesta beach wedding you will probably be interested in our post on all the great Siesta key village restaurants and reception ideas including plenty of pictures. And sunsets. That big … [Read more...]

Tiki Ceremony Package

Tiki Beach Wedding Value Package The Tiki Beach Ceremony Package for small:  Beach Weddings & Vow Renewal Events. Tiki Ceremony Package Details below…       Tiki Package Includes: Planning Help for the Best Beach Location & Ceremony Start Time Tiki Torches ( 4 Tiki's Included ) 4 floral decorated Tiki's in White, Purple or Tropical with greenery. Wedding Officiant & Minister who will Perform the Ceremony and Vows   We will Sign & File Your Florida Marriage … [Read more...]

Elopement Packages, No Planning Needed!

 2 Popular Elopement Wedding Ceremony Packages Sarasota beaches, Siesta key beaches, Lido key beach, Venice beaches, Bradenton beaches & All Anna Maria Island Beaches. 1.) The Sand Ceremony Package for Elopements*  2.) The Tiki Torch Ceremony Package for Elopements* See All of Our Beach Wedding Packages Here - All Great for Elopement Weddings! * 30 or 60 minutes of professional photography option for any package at value pricing.   Favorite Tiki Ceremony Package Combination … [Read more...]

What Is The Meaning of a Single Rose ?

Symbols of a Rose In American culture symbols can be found all around us on a daily basis, from the symbols on money, to the symbols of products we spend it on. Flower arrangements are used as non-specific symbols on many holiday's. Roses on the other hand have very specific symbol's and meaning's attached to them. These 'Rose Specific' meanings are wonderful for times when you want to evoke a certain meaning, a reminder of a special time or to show continuance of a heartfelt … [Read more...]

How To Plan An Anna Maria Island Beach Wedding

This is a step by step guide to successful planning of your Anna Maria Island beach wedding. Like every wedding there's lots of planning to be done and it's recommended that the planning be completed at least 6 months out, minimum - 12 months would be better. Count on beach wedding planning to take at least a few weeks and more probably a few months to complete from start to finish. Except: Intimate weddings and vow renewal services that will not be using decorations, like bamboo arch's canopy's … [Read more...]

How To Get A Beach Wedding & Resort Stay For Less

Beach Wedding & Resort Stay Deals Here's what we do… We do beach weddings & wedding packages for all Sarasota Fl beaches like Siesta key beach, Lido key beach and to our south all of the Venice Florida beaches. In addition to that we cover all of the Bradenton beaches including Anna Maria Island beach weddings. Mostly we work with brides and grooms who want to make one of these area beaches their destination for a beach wedding and they contact us about one of our beach wedding … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Venice Fl Beach Wedding Package

The Redesigned Mont Blanc Package   The Venice Florida area is rich with beautiful beaches off the Coast of Venice Island. What better way to celebrate these wonderful beaches than to dedicate a beach wedding package designed just for those Venice Fl beach wedding brides and grooms. The most popular beaches for weddings in Venice are Caspersen Beach and Venice Beach. Here's our newly designed Mont Blanc for Venice Weddings... Silky white fabric flowing gently in the beach breeze … [Read more...]

Siesta Beach Wedding Resort Planner

Siesta key beach wedding resort planning Certain things in life seem to go together naturally and one of those things happens to be a Siesta key beach wedding and a Siesta key beach wedding resort stay. Many couples are arriving here in Siesta key from other locations; many are from other parts of Florida and many others from one of our northern states. Whatever the case may be, we get quite a few questions about where to stay on Siesta key directed to us along with requests for one of … [Read more...]

Need Help Finding The Best Beach Location for Your Wedding Ceremony?

Finding the best beach location for your wedding is one of the most common questions we get. Even when you have a place picked out that you like and are planning or have reservations to stay at... you still could use help making sure the beach you have in mind, is still the best choice for you. Consider "double checking" just to make sure that the beach you're thinking of is the best choice available. Many couples planning their wedding don't have a clue about the local beaches or where they … [Read more...]

Want A Tropical Beach Wedding Without Going To The Tropics?

What do you see when you're dreaming of a "Tropical" beach wedding getaway? I don't know what you're seeing but, here's what I'd be dreaming of... "A warm summer day on some laid-back Tropical Island. The beach sand is softly caressing my toes as I walk. As I look around me to one side a steel drummer is playing calypso music... my wedding guests are dancing, talking, having a great time of it. Even the twilight sun hanging low over the horizon is enjoying my tropical wedding so much it … [Read more...]

Destination Weddings 12 Reasons Say Yes

12 Reasons to Say Yes to a Destination Wedding in Florida WARNING: The contents of this article may NOT be appropriate for parents. RATED: BG (Bride/Groom) Only The joke is that “Destination Weddings” actually started thousands of years ago with a bride who wanted to get away from an overbearing mother. The truth is that destination weddings have turned into a favorite. Nowadays destination weddings are a first alternative to traditional weddings. Destination weddings are generally smaller, … [Read more...]

A Tuxedo For Our Beach Wedding?

Question? My fiance 'Jeremy', and I are planning on a destination beach wedding at one of Sarasota's beaches next June, we just started planning. So... Jeremy just informed me that he plans on wearing a tux. Sorry, but that just doesn't seem right. He's saying that my wedding dress is formal so he wants to wear a tux. Aren't beach weddings informal? Should I change my chiffon wedding gown to something less formal? I'm confused, Please Help! Ashley B.   Answer: Hi Ashley, we've heard … [Read more...]

Wedding Problems, What Can I Do?

My fiancé and I are getting married in 2 months and want to have our wedding on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. My parents want me to change the venue to be closer to home even though all the deposits have been paid out. It’s really maddening since we started planning this wedding my parents have been so pessimistic about it. The planning is already done, invitations are already sent, accommodations picked, venue reserved, even the caterer and decoration decisions have been made. I wanted to plan … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Beach Wedding Success

DIY Beach Wedding Planners Beach weddings in Florida are popular, and why not. Traditional weddings average around $30,000 and while there's plenty who pony up that kind of money there's many more looking for more affordable options... and in Florida the #1 option is the affordable "Beach Wedding." Brides should be able to expect that they can have a beautiful beach wedding ceremony with 20 guests for $1,000 on the low side and $2,000 on the high side, that's for just the ceremony the … [Read more...]

50th Anniversary Vow Renewal on Siesta Beach

A very windy day couldn't stop this wonderful wedding vow renewal from its intended journey out on Siesta Key Beach here in Sarasota Fl. Find Your Siesta Key Minister and Wedding Officiant Here. So, on a Tuesday afternoon we were asked to set up our beach wedding arch for a 50th anniversary vow renewal. Beautiful flowers in purple and white with an upscale white fabric were included along with the bamboo arch. Although on this day strong winds made our fabric look more like a boat sail … [Read more...]

Casual Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Sarasota Style Beach Wedding Wear for Men   Sarasota Beach Weddings are more casual than a typical wedding event and mens clothing should reflect the casual nature of these outdoor weddings. So we went out to one of the big box stores (rhymes with Stacy's) to see if we could find some affordable men's beach wedding clothes. We focused on men's shirts and pants. The mens beach wedding wear that we found wasn't cheap, but it wasn't expensive either. Don't forget...if you rent a … [Read more...]

Sarasota Beach Wedding Questions

Sarasota Beach Wedding Q & A   How Do We Get Started? If you want to get started planning your Sarasota beach wedding event the first part of the plan may possible be the hardest: Which one of the many fabulous local area beaches are you going to pick to serve as your Sarasota beach ceremony venue?   Start Your Beach Wedding With One of Our Beach Wedding Packages That Include Your Wedding Ceremony Officiant.  Then Add Decorations That Make it Unique.   Sarasota … [Read more...]

Do I Need a Planner for My Beach Wedding?

If you’ve been asking yourself whether to hire a wedding planner for a local Sarasota beach wedding, the short answer is… NO! The long answer is…NOOoooooo! It’s not that beach weddings are easy to put together, believe me... They are not easy! But; you don’t need a typical “Sarasota Beach Wedding Planner” for your wedding because of us… that’s right, as in us here at Why? Because… We do Elegant Sarasota beach weddings every day. That’s right; think of us as your … [Read more...]

3 Sarasota Wedding Theme Ideas

3 Sarasota Wedding Theme Ideas Are you having a difficult time coming up with a great theme idea for your wedding? Sarasota wedding planners are involved in weddings each and every day – and “see it all.” Let the wedding planners in Sarasota show you these 3 great wedding theme ideas that can be used for your Sarasota wedding – we make wedding planning easy. Feel free to steal these 3 theme ideas or just use them to get your own creative juices flowing. Movie Star Theme Movie star themes … [Read more...]

Beach Wedding on Anna Maria Island

A beach wedding on Anna Maria Island was the dream for Louise & Augie. With family, friends, sunshine and lots of balloons this beach wedding turned out to be a very special day - indeed.   Tropical Beach Wedding Arches, Canopies and Decorations including your wedding minister here.   This real wedding had the photographer, Paul at ChiPhotography, talking about the unique feel of this beach wedding. The couple met in Japan while attending school and the result was forever … [Read more...]

Wedding Rentals & Video

Sarasota Wedding Ideas rental services are the way to go for the DIY wedding couple. Our video will show you just some of the many wedding related items that can you can rent. We deliver it, set it up and remove it, same day. Rent From Us Rent your wedding Arch, Chairs and Ceremony Decorations from us here at Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company. See pictures of our beach & outdoor wedding ceremony arch for rent, or go here if you need a wedding planner for your upcoming beach wedding … [Read more...]

Beach Wedding in Sarasota a Casual Affair

I'm just an easy touch for the sand and sun and that's what this casual and carefree beach wedding was all about. Bethany & Jamison enjoyed a carefree wedding while capturing a little sand between their toes all the way to wedded bliss.   Beach Wedding Quick Start with one of our Packages, just add Decorations and your done!   I sometimes forget how much the beach & water draws wedding couples here on the west coast of Florida. But every time I go to the beach I'm … [Read more...]

3 Beach Location Theme Ideas

3 Theme Ideas For a Fab Beach Wedding There is something very romantic about Sarasota's beautiful white sandy beaches at sunset, holding hands, and exchanging wedding vows with the back drop of the slowly setting sun. There is an elegance to a white sandy beach, with the sights and sounds of gentle ocean waves breaking in the background. Sarasota beach weddings can be alluring because of the quality, and quantity, of our beaches - which also makes the need for planning your beach wedding in … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Locations: Beach Tips

  Back to Sarasota Beach Weddings home page. Sarasota wedding locations in the area each bring their own unique challenges and a Sarasota Beach Wedding can be one of the most challenging events to put on. And with this being Sarasota fl we have a constant flow of beach weddings in the area. Below is a list of some general outdoor and beach wedding tips. Remember, putting a beach wedding together is not only time-consuming, it can drain the best of us emotionally, leaving us on edge, and … [Read more...]

Rental Services

Sarasota Rental Services Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company provides wedding couples one stop wedding rental service for all those items that the event needs. Call us for your all your wedding rental services, for pricing estimates and date bookings. Sarasota Wedding Ideas Wedding Decoration Rentals Sarasota, Fl 34238 941-726-6654 … [Read more...]

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