Wedding Flowers: 7 Cost Saving Tips


There are many reasons that drive up the Price and Cost of Wedding Flowers & high prices can make Wedding Flowers unaffordable to Sarasota and Bradenton Wedding couples on a strict budget. So here are 7 cost saving wedding flower tips that brides can use.

Wedding Flowers: 7 Cost Saverswedding flowers price

Types of Flowers –

Many wedding flowers are affordable, such as carnations and daisies, mostly because they are easy to grow, which also makes them available year round. The more exotic flowers on the other hand, like orchids and tropicals, are just the opposite & are usually very expensive. Work with your florist on this – they know which flowers are expensive and what to substitute with.

Flowers in Season –

If your choices of wedding flowers are not in season for your wedding date then those flowers will need to be shipped in from somewhere else. Shipping costs are high – ask about local alternatives.

The Color Choices –

Certain wedding flower colors and shades of colors are commonly used and available on a regular basis to florists. Brides who ask for hard to get flower colors should expect to pay a premium for colors not commonly available to your florist. Again – your florist can be your best friend by pointing you to budget friendly choices.

Size of Floral Arrangements –

One of the largest reasons for high flower prices is because brides keep asking for large wedding arrangements. Size matters – a lot.

It’s all in the Details –

Intricate flower arrangements take much more time to design which drives the pricing for elaborate wedding bouquets higher. Flower arrangement style also determines to a great degree the amount of labor involved. A simple loose tied bouquet is going to be less expensive than having the exact same flowers designed in a more elaborate style. No reason why simple can’t be elegant too.

Last Minute Orders –

If the flowers need to be shipped at the last minute due to color changes, design changes or from the addition of last minute guests – rush fees are expensive and exact flower choice may be unavailable – your florist may have to substitute with a similar choice. Don’t let this happen, decide on a florist and flowers at the early stage (6 months out or more) of the wedding planning process.

Venue Set up Fees –

Labor costs can be high for setting up all the flower arrangements at the ceremony and reception sites as well as the need for pickup after the event is over. Weekend and evening labor costs are higher. Supply your own containers – they don’t need to be “picked up” after the event.

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