Casual Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Sarasota Style Beach Wedding Wear for Men   Sarasota Beach Weddings are more casual than a typical wedding event and mens clothing should reflect the casual nature of these outdoor weddings. So we went out to one of the big box stores (rhymes with Stacy's) to see if we could find some affordable men's beach wedding clothes. We focused on men's shirts and pants. The mens beach wedding wear that we found wasn't cheap, but it wasn't expensive either. Don't forget...if you rent a … [Read more...]


Sarasota Tuxedo Rental Tuxedos are a traditional part of wedding attire for men but, today there are many more choices. Some grooms who would like to have a little fun are able to find plenty of unique styles of tuxedos. Thinking about casual men's wear or looking for a great "Beach & Outdoor Wedding" Style?... then read our post about a Casual Sarasota Beach Wedding Style in Men's Clothing Here. Find the tux that fits your wedding theme and personality; also remember to dress for the … [Read more...]