A Special Wedding Vow Planner

You have the idea of writing your own special wedding vows, an easy thought. But when it comes time to actually start writing them down – well, let’s just say that the words just might not flow so easily onto the parchment.


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You might have a case of “wedding vow writers block,” but don’t worry, it’s a common affliction and we have the cure – A Special Wedding Vow Planner.

Image of Wedding VowsStart by working on your choice of words at an early stage to give yourself plenty of time to think, and then to rewrite – possibly lot’s of rewriting.

The first thing you and your spouse need to do is decide if you want to write these vows together or separately.

The second item to check off is to make sure you get the ok from the church, congregation or officiant who will be marrying you. Understand that they’ll probably want to take a peek at your wedding vows ahead of time.

Start writing your vows in a general outline format

Good writing always starts with an outline, well not always but; let’s do it anyway – start the outline by jotting down a few general things that you want to say.

Think about how you want your vows to come across: really serious, deep feelings, light feelings, humorous, some combination, or something totally different. Think of this part as your wedding vow theme.

Just to help give you a jump start, most wedding vows, traditional or not, have a few things in common like:

Expressing deep emotional love for your partner

Using an analogy or metaphor to express your feelings

Something about when you first realized that you were in love

Or a quote from a song or movie that captures what you really, want to say – how you feel

About the first time you saw the other, or the first time you both met one another

How your life has changed from “before love” to now “in love”

Say something about what you hope or plan for future life together

Or, about growing old together

Don’t forget to promise to be their forever no matter what, in the future

These are a few ideas to help get you started, get your writing juices flowing. As long as you both start writing your wedding vows early on in the wedding process and put some effort into writing, those wedding vows should melt the hearts of men made of stone.

Practice your wedding vows

Practice your new vows alone in front of a mirror or practice together, it’s up to you – just remember to keep your vows to 60 seconds or less, 2 minutes total. That’s about the most time your audience will give you before their brains start to wander off in another direction, probably about eating & drinking at the reception, no matter how great the vows.

Lastly, don’t forget your wedding is a celebration so have fun. Now go start writing something great.

Last tip: You might want to frame your wedding vows or keep them in a memory book, so don’t misplace them during the reception; give them to someone in the wedding party to hold onto or put away in a safe place.

Happy Writing

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