Unique Sarasota Beach Wedding Themes

Sarasota Fl Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

There is something very romantic about a Sarasota Beach Wedding.

You can imagine the moment… the late afternoon sun at the beach is soft and low, your both holding hands, gazing deeply into each others souls, the time has arrived for exchanging vows, wedding vows that will never be broken…

Each and every Sarasota Beach Wedding is special, and what better way to make your beach wedding even more memorable than with a unique beach wedding theme.

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Unique Sarasota Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

Do you want a unique theme for your Sarasota beach wedding, a fun and unique theme says something special about both of you.

Here are some fun & unique theme ideas that will give your wedding its own flavor. You can mix’n match ideas or use theme ideas to accent your beach wedding, it’s your choice. Feel free to steal these beach theme ideas, it’s ok… We’ve got a million more.


A Sarasota Beach Wedding With a Tropical Theme

We use the local areas tropical foliage to provide a colorful backdrop for your beach wedding event.

Local pink or red bougainvillea can be used to decorate the arch. Other tropical flowers can be placed in clear glass bowls, weighted by the crystal white sand found at many of our local beaches, for a real tropical arrangement.

For the wedding reception after the ceremony, try incorporating medium & small palm leaves into the centerpieces for table adornment. 

Use tiki style decorations to dress up an outdoor bar area for fun. Don’t forget to serve plenty of tropical drinks, and of course the catering staff will be wearing their best “tropical” attire, so fitting for the occasion. 

The wedding reception menu would feature seafood typical to Sarasota’s Gulf coast region. For your wedding cake, try a tropical fruit Caribbean cake or use a mixture of tropical fruits served by a roaming desert cart. 

The reception also had…


Beach Wedding Survivor Theme

You were both on a cruise liner that sunk…

All were thought to be lost, but no-one knew that that information was wrong. You and your mate were the only survivors of the ship wreck, stranded on some small tropical island.


A small tattered boat upside down, holes showing how the sea nearly claimed you both, the only survivors, but were saved by this tropical beach, it’s paradise. The boat remains in it’s final resting place, the oars lying on top where the tide has left them.  This scene makes a fitting backdrop for the arch.

The arch is made from the islands bamboo trees, wound together for this special event. Coconuts and palm fawns hanging lazily from it, occasionally swaying to the rhythm of the beaches gentle breeze.

Some of the ships goods were washed ashore…

We were able to find the ships lanterns and use them to light the way for the bride’s walk down a sandy path, or wedding isle. The guest chairs covered in tattered linen must have come from the ships sails that washed ashore also. We must put everything to use that we gathered off the beach.

Our wedding officiant was dressed in…


Beach Wedding Ocean Theme

The turquoise blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico create a beautiful & constant backdrop to every Sarasota area beach. What could be more fitting than a beach wedding ocean theme. You can add swags of blue-green tulle to the head table or all the tables, use light blue tulle to wrap the guest favors.

For more elegance use crushed voile as your fabric choice.

Use the oceans natural turquoise colors for the wedding arch. The reception might include live tropical fish bowls in place of flower arrangements.

For invitations, a collection of tropical fish as inspiration for save the date cards and thank you notes would be fun. For table centerpieces use heavy weathered brown rope, large candles and driftwood add to the ocean theme.

Want to turn the ocean theme into a nautical theme…

Unique Beach Theme Costs

The cost for unique beach wedding themes vary and depend factors such as: difficulty & cost of props, time of year and availability of items and other factors that may arise. Call or email us about a unique beach wedding theme idea made just for you. 

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