Sarasota Fl Beach Wedding Permit Tips


The reason that you’re reading this is because you want a beach wedding on one of Sarasota’s many beautiful public beaches.

Sarasota public beaches reside from Venice in southern Sarasota county to Siesta public beach and a little further north to the public beaches on Lido key.

The 2 most popular area beaches are Siesta Key public beach and Lido key public beach. Both of these beaches are in Sarasota Florida and permits are required if you want any type of wedding ceremony decorations or chairs.

Please read our Siesta key beach wedding page for lots of information about weddings at Sarasota’s favorite and #1 beach for weddings.

The first thing that you’ll need to know is that if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing then you need to have someone like Sarasota Wedding Ideas Services do it for you.

Tip: Sarasota Wedding Ideas has planning services that will take care of finding and securing you the best possible beach wedding spot for your ceremony.

Some couples would like a “Green Grass” type of outdoor location as your wedding spot instead of the beach, and much of this permit information also applies to Sarasota’s public parks and green spaces.


We’re planning a small wedding ceremony on Siesta beach, do we need a permit?

You’ll need a wedding permit to use any public land, even for the smallest of weddings if you have decorations or chairs. Some of Sarasota’s public beaches allow you to set-up decorations (bamboo arches, chairs & more) anywhere on the beach other public beaches have specific areas where ceremony setups are allowed. You’ll need to know where you can and cannot setup at the beach or your choice.

TIP: We know where the best beach wedding spots are at all of Sarasota’s beaches and we’re here to help plan your beach wedding.


We are planning a sunset wedding, what time should we rent the beach spot?

Sunset weddings at Sarasota’s Siesta & Lido beaches are the most popular, and requested time.

TIP: Planning and coordination services perfect for your sunset beach wedding. Timing is very important for a successful sunset wedding. 


How long for the venue?

We will ask you for all the information about your ceremony so that we can secure the best possible location and time of day for your beach wedding.

TIP: The needed beach rental period depends on many factors, contact us and ask about our beach wedding planning services for beach venues.


Which wedding spot is the best?

We’re always asked about the best spots to rent and we certainly have our favorites at each public beach.

The best locations on Siesta or Lido beach are an opinion and we have our opinion on the best beach wedding locations on Siesta and Lido public beach.

TIP: We give opinions and planning help on the best wedding spots to all of our customers.


Can ‘Sarasota Wedding Ideas‘ take charge of choosing and renting the best wedding spot for us?

Yes, We will collect all of the wedding information we need and secure the best spot available for you as part of our beach wedding planning service. This is an optional service that we do NOT include into any of our Beach Wedding Packages.


Who do we contact for these public wedding permits?

Contact us at 941-726-6654 


What does the beach wedding permit cost?

We plan beach weddings and planning includes “permit timing” – Which means to know and understand the time frame needed for the couple and also take into consideration the package requested and whether a 1, 2 or a 3 hour permit is needed. Every wedding is different. Wedding planning and site permits are unique to every customers wants and needs.


How can we see these beach wedding spots?

We are able to provide directions and in many cases a PDF map to your beach wedding location.


Do we need a beach wedding permit on a private beach?

You ‘may or may-not’ not need a beach wedding permit at a private beach location. Please be aware that private beach areas in Sarasota, Siesta, Lido or Venice present special challenges. Please consult with someone who knows what their doing so you won’t be disappointed.


What about beach wedding permits at: Bradenton Beaches or Anna Maria Island Beaches?

We cover beach weddings on Anna Maria Island and all Bradenton beach locations. We help all of our customers with their beach wedding planning including securing their beach wedding location as part of our planning and venue coordination services. Contact us about helping you plan a beautiful beach wedding.


Need Beach Wedding Help?

Use the on-site Contact form or Call us at: 941-726-6654 about planning your special Sarasota Florida beach wedding.


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