Siesta key beach wedding; It must be love!

A Siesta key beach wedding is something dreams are made of. Couples come from all over this country and from far away parts of this world just to experience the beauty of Siesta key beach with its crystal cool white sand. Read our post on Siesta keys hidden beach wedding locations and if you're going to have a Siesta beach wedding you will probably be interested in our post on all the great Siesta key village restaurants and reception ideas including plenty of pictures. And sunsets. That big … [Read more...]

How To Plan An Anna Maria Island Beach Wedding

This is a step by step guide to successful planning of your Anna Maria Island beach wedding. Like every wedding there's lots of planning to be done and it's recommended that the planning be completed at least 6 months out, minimum - 12 months would be better. Count on beach wedding planning to take at least a few weeks and more probably a few months to complete from start to finish. Except: Intimate weddings and vow renewal services that will not be using decorations, like bamboo arch's canopy's … [Read more...]

Need Help Finding The Best Beach Location for Your Wedding Ceremony?

Finding the best beach location for your wedding is one of the most common questions we get. Even when you have a place picked out that you like and are planning or have reservations to stay at... you still could use help making sure the beach you have in mind, is still the best choice for you. Consider "double checking" just to make sure that the beach you're thinking of is the best choice available. Many couples planning their wedding don't have a clue about the local beaches or where they … [Read more...]

Do I Need a Planner for My Beach Wedding?

If you’ve been asking yourself whether to hire a wedding planner for a local Sarasota beach wedding, the short answer is… NO! The long answer is…NOOoooooo! It’s not that beach weddings are easy to put together, believe me... They are not easy! But; you don’t need a typical “Sarasota Beach Wedding Planner” for your wedding because of us… that’s right, as in us here at Why? Because… We do Elegant Sarasota beach weddings every day. That’s right; think of us as your … [Read more...]

Destination Weddings in Sarasota Florida

Our Wedding Planners do Destination Weddings Destination Wedding Coverage Area Planning a wedding in your hometown is stressful enough, trying to plan & coordinate a destination wedding event is almost impossible. So why not relax and let us do the destination wedding planning for you. From elegant to intimate our beach wedding planners are here to coordinate your Sarasota Beach Wedding Event so you can relax. Our wedding planners do fab destination weddings in Sarasota, Venice & … [Read more...]

How to Book Top Wedding Venues at Budget Prices

Book Top Wedding Venues at Budget Prices Top wedding venues and reception sites are always high priced options but; there is a way to book the best wedding venues at cheap or value pricing. Let’s see how… Top Wedding Venues Command Top Prices Book Top Wedding Venues At Budget Pricing Top wedding & reception venues command top pricing because of their superior location, service and attention to detail. These wedding sites have the best of everything. Many of these … [Read more...]

Advice on Wedding Budget Planning

You're newly engaged, checking out wedding sites and looking to start planning your 'Dream' wedding. Want to get some great knowledge on budgeting and finance for the 'big day' that might just save your shorts? Or at least an argument or three with your fiance. This article is filled with great budget tips for couples...every young couple planning their first wedding needs this advice now, don't skip it! Read On and Learn Grasshopper... Cool Tool... Nice! Also, don't forget to use the … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Planner – Cost

Sarasota Wedding Planners - Costs & Fees When Brides ask "How Much Does a Sarasota wedding planner Cost," we answer. How much do Sarasota wedding planners cost is an age old question, and a good one – and brides deserve a good answer about wedding planner fees. And the answer may mean the difference between doing Sarasota wedding planning ‘DIY’ style or hiring a full time Sarasota wedding planner.   We Include Beach & Outdoor Wedding Planning Help With All of Our Wedding … [Read more...]

3 Sarasota Wedding Theme Ideas

3 Sarasota Wedding Theme Ideas Are you having a difficult time coming up with a great theme idea for your wedding? Sarasota wedding planners are involved in weddings each and every day – and “see it all.” Let the wedding planners in Sarasota show you these 3 great wedding theme ideas that can be used for your Sarasota wedding – we make wedding planning easy. Feel free to steal these 3 theme ideas or just use them to get your own creative juices flowing. Movie Star Theme Movie star themes … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Planning for Wedding Dresses & Gowns

Planning a Sarasota wedding includes the need to shop for wedding dresses and gowns. Many Sarasota brides to-be are unsure about wedding dress styles available so we put together this wedding dress video showing 4 basic bridal styles or types of wedding dresses and gowns. We also added a 5th dress; it’s a short dress which is a more modern wedding dress in style - It’s also a very popular wedding dress. Go here to see our wedding and event planning service guide. Shopping for a wedding dress … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Planning – Wedding Makeup & HairStyle Guide

Sarasota Wedding Makeup & HairStyle - A 7 Part Guide Sarasota Wedding Planning - Wedding Day Makeup & HairStyles Guide is a 7 part video series to what can be done by a professional Bridal hair & makeup artist for your wedding day. We asked T.J. the owner of Roots Salon & Spa in DownTown Sarasota Fl to demonstrate his wedding makeup artistry on a model bride so that we could show his fab Airbrush Makeup Technique to everyone. Any bride that plans to have a special wedding … [Read more...]

Chelsea Center Sarasota Fl Wedding & Reception Venue

A Sarasota Wedding Venue - The Chelsea Center. This is a guided video tour with Ms. JoAnne Tarara Chelsea Center's wedding and event coordinator. Chelsea Center is a beautiful venue for Sarasota wedding receptions and ceremonies. You can reach Ms. JoAnne Tarara at 941-927-7689. Find more information about all of our wedding venue's under the "Venue's" tab. See all our wedding themed videos on our YouTube Channel "Florida Beach Weddings" … [Read more...]

Phillippi Estate Park & Edson Keith Mansion Guided Video Tour

A Sarasota Wedding Venue & Reception Location. Phillippi Estate Park and Edson Keith Mansion video in Sarasota Florida. This is a guided video tour with Ms. Priscilla Brown, Program Coordinator of the Sarasota County Park and Recreation Department. Phillippi Estate Park is a beautiful venue for wedding ceremony's, receptions & other events.   We have Wedding Event Arch's & Canopy's for rent, (941) 726-6654 or Email: for Details & … [Read more...]

Interview with Sage Hall of Star Fruit Productions

Sage Hall is the owner of Star Fruit Productions creating fab wedding videos or “wedding films,” which is how Sage refers to them. In the first minute of meeting Sage Hall her effervescent and gregarious personality shines, and it’s clear that Sage is comfortable around cameras and stage whether directing, producing or acting. What is also clear is that Sage actually cares about the people she touches, which is evidenced by both extraordinary behavior and every day actions on her part. Once … [Read more...]

Interview With Ron Zammit of Cakes by Ron

Martha Stewart opened the door to unconventional cake design and soon brides all across America were marching into local bakeries demanding unique wedding cake designs. Just as a square or round tiered wedding cake is thought of as an old tradition, we must now say that unique cake design is fast becoming a new tradition. It’s a given that Ron Zammit of 'Cakes by Ron' creates beautiful and unique wedding cakes but; we wanted to find out a little more about the man behind the cake. So we … [Read more...]

A Photographer Explains High Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding couples don't know why their wedding photography costs so much and I can relate to that feeling myself. We couldn’t afford wedding photography ourselves. We had to resort to friends and relatives taking our wedding photos. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to understand why wedding photography costs so much. And I wouldn’t know myself if I hadn’t talked with a local wedding photographer and listened to his story. I guess it’s really a story that many small business owners could … [Read more...]

Cut Sarasota Photographer Costs Using These 5 Tips

Use these 5 tips every wedding planner needs to cut the cost of Wedding Photography. Choosing a Sarasota wedding photographer is one of the more important wedding decisions you will make as a bride. Once the wedding event is over all you’ll have left are your memories supported by the photographs. And you’ll be badly disappointed if the photographer didn’t take quality photos or missed important parts of the event. The average cost for wedding day photography is about $2,100. Some … [Read more...]

3 Popular Wedding Bouquets For Brides

Below are 3 of the more popular bridal or wedding bouquets. Ask your Sarasota florist about all the possible flowers that will work with your wedding theme and colors. Flowers are imported from all around the world, so the choices are just about unlimited. If you want to go green, ask about flowers that are native to the semi-tropical area which Sarasota is a part of. The Posy Bouquet Posy wedding bouquets are a popular choice among brides. The bouquet has a contemporary style and is easily … [Read more...]

Should My Wedding Planner Be Certified?

For brides who will be hiring a Sarasota wedding planner; one question pops up - are certified wedding planners better? Brides take it for granted that anyone who advertises themselves as a wedding planner must know what they’re doing. Most people are in a word ‘trusting,’ that’s how we American’s are. That’s also how we American’s usually end up getting burnt – A little too trusting for our own good. So – What do brides do? Should I Only Consider Certified Sarasota Wedding Planners? Looking … [Read more...]

Ask The Florist These 10 Questions

Sarasota Florists have led the way for many innovative design concepts that have been copied over and over again. Sarasota is a very artistic community and has been blessed in that many of these artists chose floral arrangement for their artistic outlet. A Sarasota Florist will usually serve the Bradenton area also. Brides’ many-times mix and match wedding professionals from both areas.   10 Questions to Ask a Sarasota Florist One: When looking at photos of past weddings, ask if one … [Read more...]

Flower Planning: 6 Tips & 3 Reminders

Sarasota florists are well represented when it comes to the art of designing fabulous wedding arrangements. Many Sarasota florists have been serving brides beautiful wedding arrangements for 20 or more years. Any Sarasota florist that is showcased on Sarasota Wedding Ideas has shown a dedication of excellence towards their craft and a genuine love for the art of floral arrangement and design. Most Sarasota florists serve the Bradenton area as well. Brides may want to mix and match wedding … [Read more...]

25 Pre-Employment Questions For Sarasota Photographers

Sarasota Wedding Planners provides these 25 essential questions for interviewing wedding photographers in Sarasota. Before I start with the questions you want to ask a Sarasota photographer. Before we go on let me add this note, It’s a fact that your wedding day will be very stressful and I believe that meeting your Sarasota wedding photographer that day only adds to the stress level. This is why I recommend, if it's in the budget, that the bride and groom have the photographer do an … [Read more...]

Sarasota Photographer Basics

Delivering information, tips and ideas, the basics, on wedding photography in Sarasota. The last time I checked there were 1+ million results to my search for a Sarasota Photography. Sarasota Florida has a lot of quality photographers - but not that many. In an effort to help the bride and groom who are looking for a Sarasota Wedding photography we will try to give you some good questions to ask Sarasota photographers. We will also try to supply you with some basic advice and knowledge on … [Read more...]

2 Popular Styles Of Wedding Photography

Know these 2 popular styles of Sarasota Wedding Photography. Which one is right for you? Sarasota photographers - what to look for and what to lookout for. The wedding couple may want to start their journey by imagining that they are already married sitting on the couch looking back through their wedding album. What type of photos do you both imagine seeing? Do you see the classic type of photography that includes posed set shots of yourselves? Or would you like to see a timeline of candid … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Location Basics

Back to our Sarasota Wedding Venues home page. These are basic considerations when location hunting for Sarasota Wedding Locations. Just taking a few minutes going over the basics might save you from a headache or two down the road. Now, some people prefer outside wedding locations because of the fresh air and natural surroundings. Others prefer an inside wedding venues because they don't like bugs and hate to be (hot…cold…-fill in the blank). The options for wedding locations in Sarasota are … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Locations: Beach Tips

  Back to Sarasota Beach Weddings home page. Sarasota wedding locations in the area each bring their own unique challenges and a Sarasota Beach Wedding can be one of the most challenging events to put on. And with this being Sarasota fl we have a constant flow of beach weddings in the area. Below is a list of some general outdoor and beach wedding tips. Remember, putting a beach wedding together is not only time-consuming, it can drain the best of us emotionally, leaving us on edge, and … [Read more...]

Wedding Flower Checklist

This is a Wedding Flower checklist and guide that any bride can use with a Sarasota florist. Just note the numbers that are needed for example: Number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. Cross out what’s not needed on the list and use the ‘other’ category as a place to add in anything special that’s not already covered. Wedding Flower Planning calls for the bride to bring her scrapbook, cutouts, pictures, material, wedding colors, wedding theme ideas, and anything else that helps you and your … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Sarasota Wedding Planner Meetings

If you need the services of a Sarasota Wedding Planner give us a shout - we'll do our best to find the wedding planner that's right for you. The need to hire and then have your first meeting with a Sarasota wedding planner has grown tremendously over the last 20 years. This is mainly due to a hectic work life. There's just not enough time to work all week and then plan your own wedding too. And with precious little time, it's no wonder why many brides turn to a Sarasota wedding planners … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning Services Guide

If your thinking about whether to plan your own wedding or hire a professional Sarasota wedding planner, here are some of the services that Sarasota wedding planners perform on a regular basis. Wedding planning helps to take the pressure off in many ways. Check out our Free & Easy Sarasota Wedding Planner Services, of course we cover Bradenton Fl, Venice Fl, all the Islands & Keys too! While the duties of a Sarasota wedding planner may change from event to event; the goal for wedding … [Read more...]

Wedding Shower Planner

This 5 step bridal shower planner is a beginners guide covering the basics of holding a great wedding shower. Many of the girls giving the shower are doing it for the very first time – so this will work out just fine. Let’s start with the guest list first.   Step 1 – Decide on the Guest List Start off by writing down all the people that you can think of – hold on to the list. Set up a time to sit down with the bride. Now go through the list you made with the bride, checking the brides … [Read more...]