What Everybody Ought To Know About Pre-Wedding Photos

  It’s no question that many wonderful wedding traditions rule the big day. But, while the continuity of these many traditions make the wedding day as special as it has become, some rituals and traditions stand in the way of the modern bride and need to be brushed aside forever more. One such tradition, (actually more like a superstition,) has it that neither the bride nor groom must cast their eyes upon the other on their wedding day until the bride lifts her veil at the … [Read more...]

How to Make Posed Wedding Photos Exciting

Imagination Can Transform Posed Wedding Photos Into Unique Treasures  “I don’t want my wedding photos to look like Mom and Dad’s.” We've heard that comment more than a few times from brides and grooms. The wedding day is a very special day…a unique day in every respect, and your wedding photography should reflect that. Line em up! Gone are the days of lining up the parents and wedding party for posed photo shoots. Thank goodness. Those photo lineups have no imagination or uniqueness. … [Read more...]

A Photographer Explains High Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding couples don't know why their wedding photography costs so much and I can relate to that feeling myself. We couldn’t afford wedding photography ourselves. We had to resort to friends and relatives taking our wedding photos. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to understand why wedding photography costs so much. And I wouldn’t know myself if I hadn’t talked with a local wedding photographer and listened to his story. I guess it’s really a story that many small business owners could … [Read more...]

Cut Sarasota Photographer Costs Using These 5 Tips

Use these 5 tips every wedding planner needs to cut the cost of Wedding Photography. Choosing a Sarasota wedding photographer is one of the more important wedding decisions you will make as a bride. Once the wedding event is over all you’ll have left are your memories supported by the photographs. And you’ll be badly disappointed if the photographer didn’t take quality photos or missed important parts of the event. The average cost for wedding day photography is about $2,100. Some … [Read more...]

25 Pre-Employment Questions For Sarasota Photographers

Sarasota Wedding Planners provides these 25 essential questions for interviewing wedding photographers in Sarasota. Before I start with the questions you want to ask a Sarasota photographer. Before we go on let me add this note, It’s a fact that your wedding day will be very stressful and I believe that meeting your Sarasota wedding photographer that day only adds to the stress level. This is why I recommend, if it's in the budget, that the bride and groom have the photographer do an … [Read more...]

Sarasota Photographer Basics

Delivering information, tips and ideas, the basics, on wedding photography in Sarasota. The last time I checked there were 1+ million results to my search for a Sarasota Photography. Sarasota Florida has a lot of quality photographers - but not that many. In an effort to help the bride and groom who are looking for a Sarasota Wedding photography we will try to give you some good questions to ask Sarasota photographers. We will also try to supply you with some basic advice and knowledge on … [Read more...]

2 Popular Styles Of Wedding Photography

Know these 2 popular styles of Sarasota Wedding Photography. Which one is right for you? Sarasota photographers - what to look for and what to lookout for. The wedding couple may want to start their journey by imagining that they are already married sitting on the couch looking back through their wedding album. What type of photos do you both imagine seeing? Do you see the classic type of photography that includes posed set shots of yourselves? Or would you like to see a timeline of candid … [Read more...]

Wedding Photographers

Sarasota Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographers are clearly one of the most important wedding professionals at your wedding. Your wedding photographer will be capturing those special moments that present themselves only once in a lifetime. After the ceremony has concluded, and the reception lights have been turned off, your photographs will be the only lasting reminder of your wedding day. You and the photographer have only one chance to get this right, there are no second chances. … [Read more...]