Beach Wedding Information


This page contains information regarding all Florida beach and outdoor wedding events. This page is for Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company, Aka:

The information contained on this page is designed to answer the most asked questions regarding beach weddings and our beach wedding packages.

In addition to this Florida beach wedding information page is our (Sarasota Wedding Ideas) Policy page which is required reading before entering into a “Beach Wedding Package” agreement. Back to: Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company policies.


About our Beach & Outdoor Wedding Packages

Can we customize your wedding packages to what we want?

Yes – Our wedding packages can be customized to exactly what you want. Changes to a customized package may come at an extra charge. Please inquire about your custom beach wedding package to us at:

Are venue coordination services included?

Beach venue services are included in our packages. We’re happy to provide beach venue coordination services which in many cases include “Permit Fee’s” at a reasonable cost, please inquire.

Delivery Costs?

Delivery expenses apply for beach wedding delivery services and chair delivery. Depending upon the amount of extra help and manpower needed, as well as whether the event is after hours on the weekend and/or Holiday…..please inquire. Delivery costs are unique to every event and charged accordingly.

Your written estimate will spell everything out via email.

We’re proud of our “Old School” mentality, we’re trustworthy, reliable & honest – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Marriage License Information

Please read about how to get a Florida marriage license: Link on our officiant page. Licenses are not needed for wedding vow renewals in the state of Florida.


Beach Locations & Outdoor Venues

Who is responsible for beach permits and fees?

Some area public beaches & outdoor locations require permits. The bride & groom are responsible for payment of any fees required. Sarasota Wedding Ideas can do your venue planning and obtain any necessary permits for you. Our beach venue planning & permit service is extra and separate from your beach wedding package, please inquire.

Does Sarasota Wedding Ideas have ceremony packages for other outdoor venues (Not a beach)?

Yes, we have wedding arch setups & decorations appropriate for just about any type of outdoor location, please inquire.

We’re thinking of having a destination beach wedding in Florida, can you help us decide on a beach location for our ceremony?

Yes, we help couples all the time decide on the best beach location for their ceremony. Also see all of our Beach Wedding Location information provided on this site.

Who is responsible for permission and access to private beach ceremony areas?

You are responsible for obtaining permission and insuring that we (Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company) have access to any private beach location including beaches at condos, hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, etc.

How many hours do we need to secure the beach area for the ceremony?

Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company provides beach venue & location planning and coordination services, please inquire.

It rains a lot in Florida, so what happens if it rains?

Yes it does rain a lot over the summer months but most rain showers are fast moving and usually subside quickly enough. When appropriate, we will wait for heavy showers to pass and resume the beach ceremony. Wedding ceremonies will not be interrupted in what’s considered a light rain.

Note: Electronic equipment will not be available when it rains due to the possibility of permanent damage to the equipment.

We cannot control the weather and No refunds will be given for any weather related problems.

Heavy Rain Alternatives, Plan B

Arrangements can be made to setup some equipment at an alternative ceremony location. This must be agreed to by both parties prior to the wedding day. Discuss this with your beach wedding planner. This option is available in the event of known bad weather on the event date prior to the event date, ie: heavy rain and/or lightning.

What if Light Rain Turns Into Heavy Rain at My Ceremony?

We are more than happy to setup the ceremony arch at an onsite covered beach area or at the couples reception venue. Off-site venue must be within (5 miles) from the original beach ceremony location. No additional fee will be charged for this service.

Additional fees will only be charged when moving equipment to an alternative ceremony location beyond (5) miles from the original designated beach location, ask.

Hurricane Warnings – We will be happy to re-schedule your ceremony based on date and time availability of everyone involved, limited to (6) months from the original wedding date. No refunds will be provided for hurricanes, hurricane warnings, hurricane watches or any weather related issues or problems.


Ceremony, Vow Renewal & Officiant Information

Who will be our wedding officiant?

We have wedding officiants that work with us in every one of our service locations, Sarasota Beaches, Siesta key beach, Lido key beach, Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Island Beaches, Longboat key, Venice Fl. Beaches, and Englewood Beaches.

We will email you with your wedding officiants’ name, phone number and email address so that you may make contact to discuss your ceremony with him/her.

All of our officiants are licensed to perform weddings in the state of Florida.

We have our own officiant, is that ok? Any refund for this?

Yes – you’re welcome to provide a wedding officiant of your choice. We give no wedding package credit for this. Please provide us with your officiants name, email address and phone number as we may need to contact him/her.

How much of this information applies to vow renewals?

Everything on this page and the policy page also applies to vow renewals & commitment ceremonies. Weddings, commitment ceremonies and vow renewal packages work the same way in every respect except for the “wedding license” requirements.


Other Wedding Related Questions

We need help with other stuff for our wedding, can you help us?

Once your wedding package deposit has been made we can help you with recommendations for many other related service professionals. Our recommendations are free to our customers and unbiased; we want happy customers and will send you to qualified wedding service professionals in the area.

Can we meet in person to go over our wedding plans?

Yes, we will be happy to meet with you in person. In-person meetings are available by the hour at $75 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. Travel time is chargeable time which is why we only meet here in central Sarasota so as to keep the travel time to 15 minutes or less (one way).


Sarasota Wedding Ideas Company Coverage Area

We currently provide beach & outdoor wedding event services in the following Florida areas: Siesta key Florida, Sarasota Florida, Anna Maria Island Florida, Bradenton Florida, Lido Key Florida, Longboat Key Florida, Port Charlotte Florida, and Venice Florida.

The information contained on this page is subject to change.