How To Start Wedding Planning

You’re newly engaged and now have a special date to be married – congratulations!

After the initial euphoria wears off you realize that this wedding isn’t going to plan itself – so you better get started.

But wait!

Are you even ready to start planning? Planning a wedding is a big job and you need to be organized from the start. The planning process is a marathon. Here are 6 ideas to help show you “How to Start Wedding Planning” so you can be prepared for your wedding planners marathon.


Sarasota Wedding Planner Tip #1

The first thing you need to do is get a good filing system in place, because, well I don’t want to scare you at this early stage but; let’s just say that you’re going to need it. File folders, start with 20-30 and add to it as necessary.

Each file folder should cover one vendor area, for example use one file folder for Sarasota Wedding Photographers. Now more than likely you’re going to see or interview at least a couple photographers, if not more. Your one file folder will hold all the information on wedding photography.

Get a labeler, pens, pads of paper and most importantly, have one place where everything is filed and kept.

On this website we cover 18 or so, different vendor areas and you should have one file folder for each vendor category. The amount of vendors is up to you, some brides might only use 7 to 9 different vendors while others might use all the wedding vendors.

You also need folders for other items that will be on the to-do list, such as wedding theme ideas, rehearsal dinner plans and a folder for the all important guest list. Don’t forget to invite me!


Sarasota Wedding Planner Tip #2

Start talking with your other-half to-be about ideas about a wedding theme. What would excite both of you – beach or island wedding themes are great fun for summer weddings. How about going with a green wedding theme – appropriate for spring weddings?

What do you think about a down home rustic theme – which is perfect for fall weddings?

Stuck for ideas, stop at the newsstand and pick up some bridal magazines – you might just find an idea that gets your creative juices flowing.

The main point here is talking to each other and deciding together. Consider it practice for when you’re married.


Sarasota Wedding Planner Tip #3

Print out a wedding checklist also called a wedding timeline. This timeline can act as an invisible assistant telling you what to do and when to do it. Start at the beginning, which is usually 12-14 months out from the date.

The first item on the timeline is finding your Sarasota wedding venue and getting it booked for the date you want.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff you’ve got to do, just work within the timeline, one item at a time. And don’t worry, everything will get done.


Sarasota Wedding Planner Tip #4

A Diy Wedding planner has a lot of “firsts”, the first time you’ll hire a photographer, a florist, a caterer, on and on. And you don’t want to go in blind, not knowing anything – so get educated. There’s lots of great information online – hopefully you’ll find some great info on this website.

Some areas that you’ll want to focus heavily on: Wedding Photography, Florists, Planners, Caterers, Bridal Fashion, and of course you’re Wedding Venue.

Already knowing who you want to hire for a wedding task will be one less thing that you’ll need to devote your attention to. So ask around for recommended wedding vendors from people you can trust. Tip: I’d still want to interview even those that are “highly recommended.”

The point is – is that when you’ve read good information and are educated about wedding services; you’ll feel more confident talking with, and hiring the wedding professional that’s right for you.


Sarasota Wedding Planner Tip #5

Getting educated is great; another thing you can do to help is write down questions to ask each of these wedding industry pro’s. Anything that concerns you is a question. There are no dumb questions when you’re the wedding planner.

Our website has lists of questions for wedding photographers, florists as well as wedding planners. You can use all the questions or just pick and choose what you want. Questions are a great way to help ease your fears and concerns and lots of people use them – so can you.


Sarasota Wedding Planner Tip #6

You don’t need to go it alone. Ask your partner, a family member or a favorite friend to go with you when you’re interviewing different wedding vendors. Two heads are always better than one, and whomever you take might just pickup or notice things that you had overlooked.

You might even be able to ask people to help based on their knowledge of a subject, like photography or wedding flowers, ask around.

Some areas of wedding planning are going to get finished more quickly than others. Don’t worry though, later you’ll look back on it and wonder why you stressed so much about it.

Remember you’re planning a wedding, your wedding – this should be a very happy time in life – so enjoy it and have fun!

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