Sarasota Wedding Venues in the Garden


Here are 3 top Sarasota Wedding Venues in the Garden, 2 are Sarasota wedding venues and 1 is a Bradenton wedding venue. All 3 are special places to have a Garden Wedding. It’s up to the bride and groom to weigh their wants and needs against what each of of these special outdoor wedding venues has to offer.

Find more about these Garden wedding venues in the directory.

Sarasota Wedding Venues in the Garden

Sarasota’s Garden Club

The Sarasota Garden Club makes a compelling case to be the Garden Wedding Venue of your choice. It’s breathtakingly beautiful with a host of exotic flowering plants and ferns.

One of the features that immediately draws the eye is the waterfall – what a beautiful backdrop for those wedding vows to be set against.

The Club features a 2,200 square foot Great Room with large glass windows on three sides which over-look the lovingly manicured gardens.

The garden club accommodates wedding events for up to a maximum of 150 guests.

The kitchen is well equipped and should be all that any caterer needs.

Call first for a tour of the grounds and wedding facilities to see if this might be the Sarasota Garden Wedding Venue you’ve been dreaming of.


Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is an outstanding choice as a Sarasota Garden Wedding Venue. Have your Wedding nuptials accompanied by a serene sunset all the while surrounded by beautiful plants and butterfly Garden. The backdrop of Sarasota Bay alone truly makes this the ideal venue for an unforgettable Sarasota Garden Wedding.

Garden Weddings may be held just about anywhere on the grounds with the more popular areas being the Schimmel Wedding Lawn – Pavilion and the Bayside Oak nearby the Mansion.

Here’s a quote from Selbys website:

Indoor receptions are generally held in the Great Room by the Bay and the Mansion. The Great Room by the Bay is a 3,600 square-foot room and it has 60-feet of glass windows facing west for spectacular bay and sunset views.

It seats approximately 175 persons at round dinner tables or up to 250 people theater style. The Mansion will accommodate 45 guests for a sit down dinner or up to 75 for a cocktail reception.

They have a selected caterers list for you to choose from or you can choose your own. Caterers not on their list must provide proof of insurance – see them or their website for details on this.


Bradenton Wedding Venue

Manatee River Garden Club

The Manatee River Garden Club makes a tranquil Bradenton wedding venue. Stroll around through the club’s breathtaking garden with all the aromas, colors and beauty found in nature. The splendor of it’s’ carefully manicured grounds is enhanced with the addition of an adjacent butterfly garden and arbor.

The garden club allows for the addition of tents and lighting as well as other outdoor furnishings. You’re allowed to use any vendor that you may want – with no restrictions.

While they can assist you in planning your wedding event, you can use your own caterer, wedding planner, musician and any other wedding vendors that you may want.

The club accommodates wedding events for up to 170 guests with event space in the main room which is about 1600 feet which includes a fireplace and 3 sets of French doors that lead out to the patio area.

The kitchen is well equipped and should be all that any caterer needs. Visit the club for a tour of the grounds and wedding facilities.

And this is why the Manatee river garden club is one of our best “Garden Wedding Venue” choices, please visit and see for yourself.


Garden Wedding Venues: Decision Making

All three of these fabulous Bradenton and Sarasota Garden Wedding Venues call for the wedding couple to visit at least once. During your visit bring your digital camera and pen. Take a few photos and jot down any notes or questions that you may have.

If you’re early in the planning process there’s no reason to rush and book something right away. It’s usually a good idea to give yourself time to think through the pros and cons for each of these Garden Wedding Venues and make a decision when your fully confident in your choice.

No matter where you choose to have your Sarasota Garden Wedding be sure to carefully research all the wonderful Sarasota Destination Wedding Venues to guarantee that you will find the perfect Sarasota wedding venue for you both.