Sarasota Catering – 24 Questions to Ask Caterers


Every Sarasota Wedding Planner needs to ask asking plenty of questions. So, here are 24 great Catering Questions designed to help keep you out of hot water.

Caterer Planning: 24 questions to Ask CaterersSarasota Wedding Planning Caterers

1. Can we arrange a time to taste the food items that we’re interested in?

2. How do you handle unusual dietary needs?

3. Can we create our own menu or do we have to use your set menu list?

4. Do you offer a package that includes drinks with the meal?

5. Can you provide bar service also?

6. If we buy our own wine do you charge to serve it?

7. Are you licensed?

8. Do you use all fresh food or frozen also?

9. What are my choices for each course?

10. Is the wait staff included in the quote?

11. Do your packages include linens, tax, and gratuity?

12. Do you handle all table settings?

More Caterer Questions13. Will you put out favors and place cards?

14. Do you have photos from previous catering jobs we can see?

15. Can you provide us with names and numbers of past clients that we can call? (At a minimum, get a couple of references).

16. Are we charged for all the beer and wine ordered or just what is consumed?

17. Can we supply all the drinks and when is the latest we can get them to you?

18. Are any other drinks included in your package, like soft drinks and juice? How much and what kind of soft drinks and juice is included?

19. I am holding the wedding reception at (fill in the blank). What facilities will you need for cooking and food storage? Or is everything pre-cooked?

20. What is the latest date that we can make changes to the menu?

21. Do you clean everything up, including the kitchen facilities?

22. Do you need a deposit to hold my date?

23. What are the payment terms? When is the money due?

24. Finally, will you be working any other events on my wedding day? (you want the caterer’s undivided attention on your big day).

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