‘Lollicakes’ The Wedding Cake Alternative

Wedding Desert's Big Idea    Amy and Erin, Sisters who moved to Sarasota just a few short years ago from Rhode Island (Our Smallest State) and brought with them the Biggest Idea in wedding dessert... Lollicakes!  These bite size delights do the 'Cha, Cha, Cha' with your glands and are apt to send you into choco-orgasmic heaven. But don't worry, you won't feel drained after these bite size delights. The only problem with these treats is dealing with the 'Hard & Fast' addiction that is … [Read more...]

Interview With Ron Zammit of Cakes by Ron

Martha Stewart opened the door to unconventional cake design and soon brides all across America were marching into local bakeries demanding unique wedding cake designs. Just as a square or round tiered wedding cake is thought of as an old tradition, we must now say that unique cake design is fast becoming a new tradition. It’s a given that Ron Zammit of 'Cakes by Ron' creates beautiful and unique wedding cakes but; we wanted to find out a little more about the man behind the cake. So we … [Read more...]

Cake & Candy

Cakes & Candy Makers Wedding Cakes today range from the traditional three tiered round with butter cream frosting to the newly traditional and uniquely designed cakes now showcased on television. Going one step father, tiers of cupcakes are sometimes requested in place of a cake altogether. Wedding couples must first decide on what type of dessert they envision for their reception followed by color, flavor and style decisions. Secondly, when visiting with your baker brides should bring … [Read more...]