Find Affordable Wedding Dresses Along Sarasota’s “Miracle Mile”

Are you finding designer dress & accessory prices hard to swallow… Then why not spend a little free time… Shopping Sarasota’s Miracle Mile & Find Affordable Wedding Dresses, Gowns & Accessories for less. “Sarasota’s Miracle Mile of Affordable Wedding Attire” lies in the central Sarasota area on Beneva Road between Webber and Bahia Vista Streets. This is where brides will find 3 top Sarasota consignment shops featuring both brand new & once-used wedding everything at prices … [Read more...]

Sarasota Wedding Planning for Wedding Dresses & Gowns

Planning a Sarasota wedding includes the need to shop for wedding dresses and gowns. Many Sarasota brides to-be are unsure about wedding dress styles available so we put together this wedding dress video showing 4 basic bridal styles or types of wedding dresses and gowns. We also added a 5th dress; it’s a short dress which is a more modern wedding dress in style - It’s also a very popular wedding dress. Go here to see our wedding and event planning service guide. Shopping for a wedding dress … [Read more...]

Wedding Dresses

Sarasota Bridal Fashion The wedding dress - Every Sarasota bride wants to look fabulous on their wedding day. And the wedding dress plays a large role in how every Sarasota bride looks and feels as she walks down that isle. Plan to start Sarasota bridal shopping for that perfect wedding dress about 9 months out from the big day. Count on placing your order at about 6 months out from the date. With so many types and styles of bridal dresses & gowns it’s wise to plan some dress essentials … [Read more...]