What Is The Meaning of a Single Rose ?

Symbols of a Rose

In American culture symbols can be found all around us on a daily basis, from the symbols on money, to the symbols of products we spend it on.

Flower arrangements are used as non-specific symbols on many holiday’s.The Rose Ceremony on Your Wedding Day

Roses on the other hand have very specific symbol’s and meaning’s attached to them. These ‘Rose Specific’ meanings are wonderful for times when you want to evoke a certain meaning, a reminder of a special time or to show continuance of a heartfelt feeling.

On a recent wedding anniversary I presented my wife with a Single Pink Rose as a Symbol of  My Joy & Gratitude for her in my life. This is the specific feeling that I wanted to convey to her and the Pink Rose was the perfect gift along with a special note laid on her pillow.


Each Rose color has a specific ‘Symbol & Meaning’ attached. The giving of a Rose is a rich tradition dating back generations in American culture.

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This Rose Means…Pink Rose for Joy & Gratitude

White Rose – Innocence, Honor & Purity

Yellow Rose – Friendship, Warmth & Happiness

Lavender Rose – Enchantment, Love at First Site

Pink Rose – Joy, Gratitude & Appreciation

Coral Rose – Desire, Enthusiasm, Happiness

Orange Rose – Fascination, Desire & Excitement

Red Rose – Love & Passion (Traditionally Used on the Wedding Day as a Gift to Each Other)

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