What Everybody Ought To Know About Pre-Wedding Photos

A Sarasota Wedding Day Family

Photography by Cat Ford-Coates at www.Studio-828.com


It’s no question that many wonderful wedding traditions rule the big day. But, while the continuity of these many traditions make the wedding day as special as it has become, some rituals and traditions stand in the way of the modern bride and need to be brushed aside forever more.

One such tradition, (actually more like a superstition,) has it that neither the bride nor groom must cast their eyes upon the other on their wedding day until the bride lifts her veil at the altar.

Unfortunately this old tradition has led to many couples not even thinking about including the photographer in all the pre-wedding fun & bliss… Balderdash I Say!

Casting Tradition Aside


Because you’ll be missing many of the best photo opportunities on your wedding day if you don’t.

Sarasota Wedding Day Prep

Photography by Jonathan Dyer at Dyer-Photo.com

Many of the best photos come out of all that wedding day preparation, fussing, laughter and excitement.

Capture the memories of ‘getting ready’ with your bridesmaids, your mother and sisters…and don’t forget to do the same for the groom and groomsmen.

These photos arrest some of the best and most unique moments of the wedding day.

The Reveal is Real

The reveal is that moment in time when the bride and groom first see each other ‘post primping.’

The reveal is always an emotional moment for both the bride and groom, this moment in time is “100 proof bottled emotion” – don’t miss it!

Hint: You want the photographer to just happen to be ready for this, Wink – Wink…(Un)-Planned moment.

Have someone in charge of ‘arraigning’ this moment, like the wedding planner, member of the bridal party or some family member.

Don’t let an old tradition that makes no ‘modern day sense,’ stand in the way from capturing these special moments on film. This is one tradition you’ll be glad you didn’t follow.

So, for all these reasons and more, when it comes to pre-wedding photos – Say Yes.

Wedding Video Too!

And if you’re having a wedding video done please take a moment to watch how Sage Hall from StarFruitProductions does it right.


While many great wedding photos we’re supplied; only a couple were able to be used for this article. Let me say ‘Thank You’ to all the photographers who sent these wonderful photos. It is my desire to show work from the many wonderful wedding photographers in Sarasota who are less well know or just starting their career.


  1. Great article!! Thanks for including my work here! Look forward to shooting in Sarasota this coming season!!!