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‘Simply Gourmet’ Wedding & Event Caterers

 So, You’ve been looking for a good wedding caterer in Sarasota and ended up here. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place…Simply Gourmet Owners Larry & Jamie Barrett for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

Let us, “Sarasota Wedding Ideas” introduce you to one of Sarasota’s best Caterers, ‘Chef Larry & Jamie Barrett,’ a husband and wife team working together who create not only beautiful to the eye but; very tasty (to the ‘buds’) dishes worthy of the highest recognition.

Chef Barrett spent years designing fabulous dishes in both Manhattan and Los Angeles, his passion – ethnic foods. As Chef Larry puts it, “ethnic food makes me tick.”

Jamie Barrett coordinates Everthing for weddings and events. Detail oriented and service driven, Jamie Barrett is the glue that makes ‘Simply Gourmet’ catering the success that it is today. 

Together, Chef Larry and Jamie are an unbeatable catering duo.

Shrimp Almondine by Simply Gourmet for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com Always Fresh Food by Simply Gourmet for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com Lamb Chops by Simply Gourmet for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

 Wedding & Event Catering at ‘Simply Gourmet’

We know that when couples are searching for their wedding caterer, they want to be sure that their catering dollars are well spent. The most important choice on every couples menu is finding a caterer that has great food paired with excellent service. Again, ‘Simply Gourmet’ delivers.

I personally know that ‘Simply Gourmet’ caterers consistently delivers fabulous dishes, excellent service, plus an attention to detail that makes them a cut above the competition in Sarasota’s catering world.

Catering for Small Events or Large Weddings by Simply Gourmet for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com Head Wedding Table by Simply Gourmet for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

Here’s what others are saying about Sarasota’s ‘Simply Gourmet’ catering…

Sarasota Magazine ~ Meal of a lifetime

The Bradenton Times ~ Well known for their culinary prowess. The meal was bursting with zest. Chef Barrett’s potatoes Delmonico had the crowd talking. Simply Gourmet ~ a truly remarkable value.

Sarasota Herald Tribune/The Ticket ~ Chef Barrett’s spread was magnificent, especially the warm Vichyssoise with droplets of white truffle oil. Attentive staff, you will be mightily well-fed.

Style Magazine ~ Chef Barrett has his fingers on the pulse of what catering clients are expecting when they entertain. A great dining experience.


Simply Gourmet…

                               Simply Better…


Thirsty for More? 

We’ve given you just a Taste of what ‘Simply Gourmet’ is all about, are you Hungry for more?

Now it’s time for you to take the next step and contact Chef Larry and Jamie Barrett, (Don’t forget to tell them we sent you!) here’s how…

Simply Gourmet Caterers

4783 Swift Road

Sarasota,Florida 34231


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