Siesta Beach Wedding Resort Planner

Siesta key beach wedding resort planning

Certain things in life seem to go together naturally and one of those things happens to be a Siesta key beach wedding and a Siesta key beach wedding resort stay.

Many couples are arriving here in Siesta key from other locations; many are from other parts of Florida and many others from one of our northern states.

Whatever the case may be, we get quite a few questions about where to stay on Siesta key directed to us along with requests for one of our beach wedding packages.

Siesta key Beach Weddings: How To Guide from Start to Finish

So let’s go over some options for your Siesta key beach resort stay.

Siesta key Beach Wedding Stay Option List:

  • Resorts
  • Condominiums
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Single Family Homes for Rent
  • Time Shares
  • Hotels
  • Motels


Siesta key has a number of beach resorts that work wonderfully for most wedding couples. You can book your stay anywhere from a single night to a 2 week wedding-moon retreat. Most of the Siesta key beach resorts are small businesses and usually family run. The problem here is knowing the good from the bad, the updated resorts from the ‘stuck-in-the-70’s’ resorts.


Plenty of condos on Siesta key, that’s for sure. But, many of the condos aren’t for rent at any time of the year, others are. It helps to do some research to find available gems but, many good condo rental possibilities stay hidden and unadvertised. Again, some great options here for beach wedding couples & guests and also some real dogs.

Short Term Rentals

These short term rentals could be micro-resorts, apartments or single family homes. This is a possibility but not a probability. Stay away unless you really know for sure what you’re doing, I hate to waste money and I’m sure you do to.

Single Family Home Rentals

This is a nice option if you have a few thousand or more to spend for a week’s stay on Siesta key. Single family home rentals are a moving target on Siesta so it really helps to have a realtor or two that has their pulse on the marketplace or really know your way around online rental sites.

Tip: Their are a few local property rental companies that control the majority of vacation property rentals on Siesta key. Contact us for more information.

The number of single family homes available for short term rental are limited, don’t get your hopes up and be prepared to compromise.

Time Shares

I know that there are some time share rentals available, although like ‘Bigfoot’ I have never seen one. Moving on.


There is one hotel in the Siesta key village area. Nothing to write home about, there’s better options on Siesta key.


Again, nothing to see here. Better options available above.


Siesta key beach weddings and resort stays do go together and why not? Every destination beach wedding couple needs a place to stay when they come to Siesta Key and we’re committed to helping them.

We’re here to provide help, answers and planning experience to all of our Siesta key beach wedding customers and that means helping them and their guests find a nice place to stay while on the key for their destination wedding.


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