Wedding Shower Planner

This 5 step bridal shower planner is a beginners guide covering the basics of holding a great wedding shower. Many of the girls giving the shower are doing it for the very first time – so this will work out just fine. Let’s start with the guest list first.

Bridal Shower Party

Bridal Shower Party


Step 1 – Decide on the Guest List

Start off by writing down all the people that you can think of – hold on to the list. Set up a time to sit down with the bride. Now go through the list you made with the bride, checking the brides yes’s and crossing off the no’s.

That should get the bride warmed up enough to now start adding to the list on her own – have her do family, extended family & in-laws next.

The list is going to be whomever the bride wants.

Don’t rush it, get an extra cup of coffee and spend some time thinking. Think about categories – friends, family, his co-workers, her co-workers, school friends, social friends, etc. Cover the categories and the names will come.

Tally up all the people – what is the number? Now do an educated guess on how many are going to be able to actually make it to the shower. That’s your final number. Good – you need the final number for the next step.

Step 2 – Bridal Shower Locations

Keep in mind that final number of guests from step 1. Now it’s time to go over some ideas about where the bride would like her bridal shower to be. At home, someone else’s home, a restaurant or maybe outside if the weather is nice.

Find a nice fit between how many guests are coming and the location, the plan is beginning to take shape. Ok, now it’s time to do the invitations.

Step 3 – Bridal Shower Invites

The invitations can come from your local stationary shop or online – you’ll probably end up with too many invitation choices. Remember to keep wedding themes and colors in mind. Mail the invites including – The Who, what, when, where and for how long details of the bridal shower.

If you’re going to have everybody bring a food dish then you might want to know who rsvp’d coming, and who didn’t. That’s a food thing.

Step 4 – Bridal Shower Foods

Time to talk with the bride again, this time it’s all about the food. Discuss ideas, what does the bride want for food. Keep in mind the number of guests that are coming and the location where you’re going to have the shower. Does the food make sense for the location chosen and the number of guests coming? Does the bride want liquor included or not?

If you include liquor keep it small & light. Small as in the amount of liquor available and light as in light beer and wine only. Bridal showers are perfect for light fare – fruit, finger foods and desert & don’t forget plenty of coffee, tea, soda and juices.

Step 5 – Bridal Shower Decorations

So many ways you can go here with the bridal shower decorations. Remember to keep in mind any wedding themes and colors.

It would be fun to do a mini-version of the wedding theme and colors with a twist. For a beach theme wedding use an old storage chest decorated as a treasure chest filled with ice to serve cold drinks.

If you need inspiration you’re bound to find plenty of bridal shower and decoration ideas online.

So that’s the 5 step bridal shower planner. Take a second to comment and add to the story.

And don’t forget to take lots of great pictures of the event. The bride will treasure these memories for a lifetime.

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  1. Emelina Myron says:

    I really appreciate this post on wedding shower planning. I’ve been looking everywhere for tips & ideas like this! Thank goodness I found it. You’ve made my day! Thank you again!

    • Wedding shower planning can be a lot of fun – use your imagination and create a unique theme for your friends wedding shower, good luck.