Wedding Planning Services Guide

If your thinking about whether to plan your own wedding or hire a professional Sarasota wedding planner, here are some of the services that Sarasota wedding planners perform on a regular basis. Wedding planning helps to take the pressure off in many ways.

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Sarasota Wedding Planner

While the duties of a Sarasota wedding planner may change from event to event; the goal for wedding day perfection never strays. Of course, the wedding planners job is decided by the wants and needs of the bride.

The needs to hire a Sarasota wedding planner vary. While one bride may go it alone to satisfy the need to cut costs or keep control. Another bride may do most or all of the preparation but  may want to hire a wedding planner to be confident of perfection on the big day itself.

Some may hire a Sarasota wedding planner to take care of certain items that the bride – doesn’t want to do, can’t do, or doesn’t have the time to do.

Finally, many will be overwhelmed between the coming marriage, a full time job and other life duties – the stress level may already be in the danger zone. For these brides to-be; a full time wedding planner is not a luxury, it’s a life saver.

Below is Wikipedia’s definition for a wedding planner:

“A wedding planner is a professional who assists with planning and organization of weddings. Weddings are significant events in people’s lives, and those involved are often willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure it is organized as perfectly as possible.”

This is your guide to working with a Sarasota wedding planner. Plan on interviewing at least 2 Sarasota wedding planners, you may need to interview more. Tip: Try to find someone that you feel really comfortable with – because, you’re going to need a professional who feels like a friend before those wedding bells chime.

Sarasota wedding planner services may include:

  • Sit down with the wedding couple and discover the wants and needs for the big day
  • A Sarasota wedding planner will need to find out what finances are available for the wedding
  • Wedding planners plan weddings; so there will be calendars and dates and deadlines – wedding planners may be prone to obsess over the details – it’s what they do
  • A wedding planner will definitely be involved in “The List”
  • Where to have the ceremony? The reception? Wedding planners know all the good locations and venues
  • You’ll be set up with the wedding professionals-(vendors) that they usually work with. From caterers to photographers, a florist and wedding cake maker. The wedding planner has them all on speed dial
  • Be there from start to finish on the big day to coordinate all the vendors – create beauty from wedding day madness
  • Do you have a plan “B” if something goes wrong at the last minute – Wedding planners always have a plan B – they were born with a plan B

There are a million other details that a good Sarasota wedding planner will take care of and you’ll never even know that they were done.

Tip: Many times wedding planners are able to keep vendor costs down because of their industry knowledge and local connections. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your Sarasota wedding planner also be a knowledgeable gate-keeper for your wedding budget? Ask your Sarasota wedding planner about any vendor connections, deals or discounts that they may have or know about.

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