8 Tips for Sarasota Wedding Planner Meetings

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The need to hire and then have your first meeting with a Sarasota wedding planner has grown tremendously over the last 20 years. This is mainly due to a hectic work life. There’s just not enough time to work all week and then plan your own wedding too.

And with precious little time, it’s no wonder why many brides turn to a Sarasota wedding planners services to help turn their dreams for the perfect wedding into reality.

Today, wedding planning is an indispensable part of the wedding process. And while your Sarasota wedding planner will do the work necessary to turn your ideas into reality, the wedding couple is now left with one job – have that all important first meeting with your new Sarasota wedding planner.

So be prepared.

These 8 tips are for those Sarasota wedding planner meetings, and will help guide wedding couples. The tips could also be used as questions when meeting with a Sarasota wedding planner, to get their idea or opinion. Some tips are meant for the wedding couple to be aware of, think about, and discuss privately. But mostly, these tips should be used as discussion points.

One last thing – start your wedding planning as early as possible. Many Sarasota wedding reception locations and venues easily book out a year or more in advance. So to make sure that your not disappointed or have to settle on an alternate venue, remember, it’s still the early bird that gets the worm.


1. Your Wedding Budget

Your Sarasota wedding planner is going to need to understand your budget and the level of individual of services will be determined in great part by the resources available.


2. A Wedding Theme

Wedding planners like colors, stories, dreams and sometimes wild ideas that they can shape and mold into a theme or wedding story.

Bring any magazine clippings, colors, cloth, and jewelry with you on all your wedding planner interviews. This is also an area that wedding couple needs to discuss and jointly decide.


3. Ask All Sarasota Wedding Planners About Experience

Ask specifically if your Sarasota wedding planner has experience doing any weddings similar to what you want. Some planners might be better suited planning indoor weddings than outdoor beach weddings.


4. Sarasota Wedding Planners – Fees

Ask about the fee’s that the wedding planner charges. How does the planner charge, by the hour, a flat fee or a percentage of the total wedding budget? As always compare costs of the different wedding planners you meet.


5. Ask For Recommendations

Always ask for a list of past clients that you can call.

Extra Tip – Don’t rely on this too much, everybody seems to be gaming the “recommendations” lately. You can do a reverse check on a Sarasota wedding planner by talking to other Sarasota wedding service professionals that they have worked with in the past.


6. Comfort Level

I’m a believer in going with gut instincts – does it feel right? As you listen to each wedding planner, do you like their ideas, do these align with yours?

In the end much is going to be decided by the attraction you have for one wedding planner over another.

That’s not a bad thing.


7. Joint Decisions

This may be the first time that a decision by one affects both. So, start this marriage off on the right foot by being open and honest with each other about your needs and wants. Then find the right places to compromise in the areas where there is some disagreement.


8. The Contract

Once you both have decided on whom you’re new Sarasota wedding planner is going to be, it’s time to sign the contract. If you have any last minute hesitation, ask to take the contract with you to look over first.

Read and understand the contract first, then get any nagging last minute questions answered so you can feel totally confident in your decision.

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