Sarasota Wedding Planner – Cost

Sarasota Wedding Planners – Costs & Fees

When Brides ask “How Much Does a Sarasota wedding planner Cost,” we answer. How much do Sarasota wedding planners cost is an age old question, and a good one – and brides deserve a good answer about wedding planner fees.

And the answer may mean the difference between doing Sarasota wedding planning ‘DIY’ style or hiring a full time Sarasota wedding planner.


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Wedding planners in Sarasota and the services they provide are an important element for a busy wedding couple.

While it is true that a wedding planners services and costs can differ dramatically many couples find the money for partial planning services or a ‘day of’ wedding planner.Sarasota wedding planner cost question - Image

I wish there was a quick and simple answer to the cost question, but there is not.

The easy answer is that, a full service wedding planners fee is on average between 10% and 15% of the total wedding budget – that’s the going rule of thumb. This is also an average – you could easily find yourself paying more than the average for a challenging wedding.

Flat Fee Planners, Hourly Planners and Percentage Planners – What ‘Way’ to Pay?

Flat fee planners are just that, they’ll give you a precise amount of service and a set amount of meeting time.

Hourly planners would be better for someone that needs some planning services but is willing and able to do much of the wedding planning work themselves.

Percentage planners might work out better for brides who need extra hand-holding without incurring extra hourly charges – as long as the extra hand-holding time is ok with the planner.

Many wedding planners use a combination of ways to charge.

Brides need to decide which way works best for them.

This becomes a vital question for all the wedding planners that you interview; ask them “how do you charge” for your planning services?

So, it’s not good enough to just find out “how much” —> you want to find out “how,” the wedding planner goes about charging for their services.

Brides should also ask themselves one question before they decide on a wedding planner in Sarasota:

Am I going to need a full time local wedding planner or can I, will I, be able to do some of my own wedding planning? And if so, how much? – Ok sorry that’s two questions.

Be honest about your commitment of time and effort in the wedding planning process. And understand that your involvement in the planning process may change the “way” you want to pay for a wedding planners services.

We Believe…

We believe that good wedding planners should also be paid as the professionals that they are. With that said, we also believe in full disclosure.

The wedding couple should be fully informed as to costs and fees during the planning process. In other words there should be no hidden fees.

Finding and then hiring a good Sarasota wedding planner is a process in-and-of-itself, so get started early.

Hiring the right wedding planner is key to a smooth and happy “I do” so take your time interviewing local wedding planners until you find the one that’s right for you.