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Sarasota wedding locations in the area each bring their own unique challenges and a Sarasota Beach Wedding can be one of the most challenging events to put on.

And with this being Sarasota fl we have a constant flow of beach weddings in the area. Below is a list of some general outdoor and beach wedding tips.

Remember, putting a beach wedding together is not only time-consuming, it can drain the best of us emotionally, leaving us on edge, and in a constant state of worry.

So, if you feel that arranging a beach wedding is a little much then please consider hiring a wedding planner.

Sarasota Beach Wedding Tips & Ideas

Casual but Elegant

Sarasota Beach Weddings are more relaxed and should be considered as a big part of the wedding theme. The relaxed atmosphere of the beach can be part of the wedding theme bedrock in which other wedding theme ideas are based. No need to require your bridesmaids to wear all the same dresses. Just pick a color and then let them choose a dress that best compliments their body.

With bare toes and casual footwear for a beach wedding, use some unique foot jewelry which accents your hair piece.

Hair Styles

No-Fuss Beach Hairstyle

No-Fuss Beach Hairstyle

There is always a wind at the beach, that is a constant. So prepare yourself by choosing a beach wedding hairdo that will look good after the wind, sand and sea spray have blown through it.

We do not mean your preparation should be to pin all the tresses in your hair as tightly as possible and spray a whole bottle of hair product to keep everything in place.

The best hairstyle for a beach wedding should be low maintenance and which not only continues to look great but even looks better when it gets wind blown. Oceanside weddings lend them-self to a more casual hairstyle. Start thinking about big cascading curls and a half up-do.

A beach wedding is not the place or look for a tight up-do, think about casual and simple hairstyles when having a beach wedding.

Hair Pieces

Bridal hair pieces are popular for Sarasota beach weddings because there is usually a wind that makes long veils a bad idea. These hair pieces can be very ornate. Some of the most beautiful hair pieces were made back in the 30’s and are very popular again – plus it fits into the “something old” category.

The bride can expand on this 1930’s ornate jewelry and continue it as a total “1930’s” wedding theme. Your dream wedding in Sarasota is all their in your imagination, just let it out.

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Go Green

Green weddings are the rage for the eco conscious type. From paperless wedding invitations and save the dates to table place cards, thank you notes and wedding programs. Everything that gets printed gets printed on 100% recycled paper.

Outdoor Venues

Couples tying the knot will gravitate toward outdoor ceremony and reception venues. The natural backdrop of the outdoors leaves plenty of room for all kinds of personalization and customization, which is a definite plus for creative newlyweds, and all of the creative wedding service professionals.

Ocean and water front venues will dominate and they’ll be spruced up by personalized touches that represent the wedding couple. Don’t forget to check the front page and tabs for articles on wedding locations and venues in the Sarasota area.


Guest seating – a new twist, so try this. Seat the guests in a circular fashion, this is catching on and is becoming very popular. It signifies the bride and groom’s love for each other surrounded by the love from their circle of friends and family.


Vintage Pearl Earrings

Vintage Pearl Earrings

Jewelry Tips

Bridal earrings exude vintage elegance in an array of pearls, crystals and jewels. Elaborate stud earrings are in fashion and complement a variety of wedding gown styles. Tiered dangling earrings in jewel-tones are also popular and look great with simple gowns, high necklines and up-do hairstyles.

It’s back to basics with elegant, sophisticated style. Brides will look elegant in pearls, and grooms will upgrade their footwear from sneakers to something a lot more tasteful.

Look for more Sarasota Wedding Tips in our website.

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