Cut Sarasota Photographer Costs Using These 5 Tips

Use these 5 tips every wedding planner needs to cut the cost of Wedding Photography.

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Choosing a Sarasota wedding photographer is one of the more important wedding decisions you will make as a bride. Once the wedding event is over all you’ll have left are your memories supported by the photographs. And you’ll be badly disappointed if the photographer didn’t take quality photos or missed important parts of the event.

The average cost for wedding day photography is about $2,100. Some photographers charge as little as $750 but you’re only going to get the photographer for 2-3 hours.

The average wedding event lasts about 6 hours, which includes photography at the reception. Receptions typically last 3-4 hours. Of course the photographer needs to be early to setup equipment and for photos of the bride and groom getting ready for the big day. So, at a typical wedding event your Sarasota photographer may work 7-8 hours.

Depending on the photography package that you select, there may be additional charges for albums and prints. There are many other extras that can increase your cost. If you hire a Sarasota photographer and add extras, you could see your bill easily exceed $5,000.

But; before you get upset because your photography budget can’t handle these prices. And, before you ask Uncle Harry to take your wedding day photos. There are some ways to be thrifty with your hard earned wedding dollars. Let’s see if we can find some ways to cut the cost for your wedding day photos without cutting the quality that you’ll get from a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer: 5 cost saving tips

Sarasota wedding photography tipsOne: No Extras Allowed

Hire a great wedding photographer and ask for the basic wedding day package. What you want here is the artistic skill of the photographer only. You can get custom albums at a later time, when you can better afford their cost.

Two: Proofs Please

Of course you need a photographer to hand over the proofs. This should be openly discussed at the initial meeting with every photographer that you’re interviewing. And many photographers will supply the proofs without question.

This way you can get the ones printed that you absolutely want and hold off on the rest until you have more money. This will also give you a chance to price shop for the economical photo developing.

Three: Digital Photos

Many wedding photographers have already switched over to digital cameras. And they have done so because the quality from digital cameras is now as good as any of the 35mm cameras. What this means is that you’re wedding day proofs will be in a digital format. And the digital format is easier and more cost effective. Same great quality – cost effective – better for everyone.

Four: Photography By The Hour

When you look at photography wedding packages and cost, you’ll find that you’re paying for the photographer’s time more than anything else. So, the longer the event – the higher the photography cost. Think about hiring the photographer for the wedding ceremony only, or hire the photographer for 4 hours instead of 6 or 8. This should give you the greatest cost savings.

Five: 3 Interviews – 1 Photographer

Interview at least 3 Bradenton or Sarasota photographers. Go in with your budget written in stone and speak openly about the budget and what you’re looking for. If you need to visit more wedding photographers then do it.

Most photographers are willing to work with cash strapped couples – it’s very common in fact. So don’t hide the reality that you need to maximize your wedding dollars.

Don’t forget to take notes or write things down – you want to be able to compare packages and prices at a later time. You can’t count on your memory to hold all the details from 3 or more photographer interviews.

You also need to learn more about what style of wedding photography that you like and whether the photographer works that style also.

Remember, just because the budget may be tight – that’s not a reason to skimp on quality. Make sure you’re interviewing wedding photographers that are true artists – you deserve it.

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