2 Popular Styles Of Wedding Photography

Know these 2 popular styles of Sarasota Wedding Photography. Which one is right for you?

Wedding StylesSarasota photographers – what to look for and what to lookout for. The wedding couple may want to start their journey by imagining that they are already married sitting on the couch looking back through their wedding album.

What type of photos do you both imagine seeing?

Do you see the classic type of photography that includes posed set shots of yourselves? Or would you like to see a timeline of candid wedding day pictures, capturing many of the special moments on your wedding day.

These are the two main styles of wedding photography in Sarasota that the bride and groom must choose from. Let’s go a little deeper into them both here.


The Traditional Style of Wedding Photography

The first style is also the classic or traditional wedding photography style with its’ posed look and ‘set’ shots. Your Sarasota wedding photographer will follow a shot list from start to finish. Your photographer will also be directing the wedding party and family much of the time according to this shot list.


The bride, groom and wedding party will spend a good portion of their wedding day taking direction from the photographer to get these set shots. One of the downsides of the traditional style is that this style of photography takes-up time the bride and groom would probably rather spend with their family, friends and quests.


Also, while these posed photos usually look visually appealing they may also look predictable and without spontaneity. The traditional style while still very popular, also takes much of the photographers’ time leaving little or no ability to photograph any candid shots of the wedding.


The Photojournalistic Style of Wedding Photography

Wedding Photojournalism has become a very popular style of wedding photography and is essentially a series of candid photographs covering the events of the entire day.


Photojournalism is about capturing those special moments from your wedding day. Their is nothing that is going to be staged or posed and nothing to be corrected later. But remember; there isn’t a shot list to work from for your Sarasota photographer – no staged photos. The photojournalist becomes the visual artist for your wedding day. With the photos becoming the lens through which you will look at and remember you wedding forever.


The drawback of wedding photojournalism is there is usually no pre-planned ‘shot list,’ only your Sarasota wedding photographer’s response to events as they unfold. The resulting images are can also be unpredictable. Wedding photojournalism largely means shooting under the lighting that exists in that place and moment; the result is that some pictures may not develop visually as hoped. And pictures of some family members, friends and guests may never be taken.


Some couples may later regret not opting for the more traditional, posed ‘set shots’ in their wedding album.


Wedding Photography Choice

This is usually the first decision that the bride and groom must make in regard to photography in Sarasota. This decision will influence the photographers that are called and interviewed. There is no reason to interview a Sarasota photographer that shoots a traditional style if the wedding couple wants a photojournalistic style.


There are also some hybrid styles that we are not covering here – look for more information on our website on the photographer page.


The bride and groom should start talking to Sarasota photographers early on in the process. Visit as many photographers in Sarasota as needed, ask your list of questions and look at the wedding photographers’ portfolio. Try not to get overwhelmed by all the information and industry terms that may get thrown around, keep your eye on the big picture – no pun intended.


Ask yourself the big picture questions. Do you like the photographers’ style? Do you like the actual work the photographers does? Does the wedding photographers’ personality feel right to you? And, do you like the ideas that the photographer is suggesting to you?


Note: There are many Sarasota wedding photographers that haven’t had much experience with shooting in a photojournalistic style or have ever had any involvement as a ‘real’ photojournalist in their lives.


There are other items you may want to ask your Sarasota photographer about such as equipment used, digital or film and lighting? Is the photographer working alone or with a second shooter?

Will the photographer be using one camera or multiple cameras?

There are many questions that you may want to ask all of the Sarasota photographers that you interview.