Sarasota Photographer Basics

Delivering information, tips and ideas, the basics, on wedding photography in Sarasota.

Wedding Photographer Basics

The last time I checked there were 1+ million results to my search for a Sarasota Photography. Sarasota Florida has a lot of quality photographers – but not that many.

In an effort to help the bride and groom who are looking for a Sarasota Wedding photography we will try to give you some good questions to ask Sarasota photographers. We will also try to supply you with some basic advice and knowledge on wedding photography.

The more informed you are about wedding photography, the more comfortable you’ll be when talking to wedding photographers.

We highlight a few Sarasota photographers in the Wedding Directory section on this website and that’s a great place to start your search for Sarasota photography.

You’ll remember your wedding day through your photos and that is the main reason why having a good wedding photographer is so important. But; finding your wedding photographer may not be such an easy task.

First off, you need to know what type of wedding photography coverage you are looking for. Do you like the posed, formal images which are a more traditional style of photography? Or, do you like photojournalistic – ‘as it happens’ style? Read the article about these two styles on the Sarasota Photographer page.


Tip – If you’re looking for a photojournalistic wedding photographer, I would also make sure the photographer is capable of doing formally posed photos as well. You may be able to incorporate some traditional photos into the mix by doing a small number of the traditional posed style before and after the ceremony.


Once you have figured out the style of photography you’re interested in you can start calling or emailing wedding photographers with some questions. The very first thing to find out is if they are available on your wedding date, if not you might want to add on another Sarasota photographer into the list.

Looking at a photographer’s web site is ok and should give you some basic knowledge about the style he/she likes to shoot. The trouble with looking at a website alone is that the photographer may be just cherry picking their best photos to show.

The better idea is to sit down with a Sarasota photographer and look through a whole wedding event album. There should be many quality photos in the album, not just a few and that’s what the bride should be looking for – consistent photographic and artistic quality. Do all the pictures look great?

Beware of any Sarasota photographer who wants to show just a few photos from different events. Almost anyone who shoots 600 – 800 photos at an event is bound to get a handful of good shots.

Another question that the bride and groom may have and that is about the photo negatives. Does the photographer give them to you or does he/she keep them? Do you have to pay an additional fee for the negatives?

There is probably not a perfect answer here but; let’s go over some issues to consider first.

Many Sarasota photographers make most of their profit by doing reprints and enlargements. If you had the negatives and could make your own reprints, they would lose a ton of money.

Another issue is that if the wedding photographer gives the bride and groom the negatives then quality control of prints is now lost. The feeling by many photographers is that the couple will get cheep photos made from the negatives. And these cheep photos which will be shown around will make the photographer look bad. Which is a valid point from the photographers perspective.

But; many photographers have already switched over to a digital format and there are no negatives to send. There may only be digital files that work through proprietary software. You might not be able to print photos from these files without the special software and knowledge of how it operates.

When a house burns down one of the greatest losses are photos. If you store the wedding negatives at your house, you stand to lose everything. If the negatives are stored by your photographer, they will not be damaged if something happens to your house. So you may want the photographer to keep the negatives for backup reasons.

Ask every Sarasota photographer you speak to how they handle the negatives. And, just because a photographer is willing to give or sell the negatives to you doesn’t mean you should jump at the opportunity.

If you want something covered and you don’t see it please use the Contact Form and request whatever it is that you like to see covered in an article.

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