3 Popular Wedding Bouquets For Brides

Below are 3 of the more popular bridal or wedding bouquets. Ask your Sarasota florist about all the possible flowers that will work with your wedding theme and colors.

Flowers are imported from all around the world, so the choices are just about unlimited. If you want to go green, ask about flowers that are native to the semi-tropical area which Sarasota is a part of.

The Posy Bouquet

Posy Bridal Bouquet

Posy Bridal Bouquet

Posy wedding bouquets are a popular choice among brides. The bouquet has a contemporary style and is easily held by the bride. It’s wonderful how this simple type of bouquet can be styled in so many ways.

The posy bouquet is generally small and round. Posy bouquets can be hand tied – unstructured or wired which looks more formal.

These two styles keep their natural stems which can be wrapped in beautiful satin, velvet or tied by a ribbon. Pearls or beading are usually added as an embellishment to this bouquet.

A Sarasota florist will be able to advise you on how to make your posy bouquet fit in with your wedding theme and color.

White Cascade Bouquet

White Cascade Bouquet


Cascade or Shower Bouquet

Cascade wedding bouquets, also known as shower bouquets, are a more classic style of bridal arrangement. They continue to be a very popular choice among brides.

The Cascading bouquet is the most formal and traditional of wedding bouquets, and is designed to spill elegantly over the bride’s hands as it flows downward for a refined look. Almost any type of flower can be used for this style of bouquet.

This type of bouquet is generally rounded at the top and pointed at its bottom. The smaller version of this bouquet is called the trail or teardrop bouquet and we can see why just by looking at it.

There is a never-ending mixture of ways to style this bouquet, and your Sarasota florist will be able to fashion something amazing just for you. One thing that these arrangements have in common is an elegant flowing shape, with a trail toward the front of the arrangement.

The Crescent Bouquet

Crescent Bouquet

Crescent Bouquet

Crescent bouquets are designed in the shape of a quarter-moon, in the form of a soft curve. It’s an impressive shape that includes flowers and greenery vaulted at the center and then tapers off toward the end. The crescent bouquet is suitable to a more formally styled wedding affair.

This style is also perfect for stylish, modern-day weddings. Orchids are often used, wired together to form a slim handle that a bride can easily hold.

These bouquets represent the free spirit of the bride’s individuality. This style of bouquet is best carried below the waist to show off its unique beauty.

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