Ask The Florist These 10 Questions

Sarasota Florists have led the way for many innovative design concepts that have been copied over and over again. Sarasota is a very artistic community and has been blessed in that many of these artists chose floral arrangement for their artistic outlet.

10 questions for a florist

A Sarasota Florist will usually serve the Bradenton area also. Brides’ many-times mix and match wedding professionals from both areas.


10 Questions to Ask a Sarasota Florist


When looking at photos of past weddings, ask if one designer or a team of designers did the work? And will they be doing your wedding arrangements?


Ask the florist for ideas about arrangements and flowers. Having your own ideas is great, but; good floral designers have done it all, seen it all – so pick their brains – you’re paying them for great ideas too.


Is there a delivery charge? Is there a setup fee? Ok – so it’s two questions.


There are usually cut off dates – ask about them and then write them down. The first cutoff date is: when is it too lake to change my idea, or theme, colors etc?


Will the florist design a quick bouquet and centerpiece for you to see? This may be something the bride wants done even if there is an additional charge for it.


Can the florist write up an itemized quote? Again, some will and some won’t. They might write up a quote but not itemize it – not as useful.


Find out about the flowers going into the arrangements. Where do these flowers come from? Are they imported from South America? Europe? Are the flowers in season? Are their alternative flowers that are in season? What are the cost differences?


If you’re on a budget. Ask the florist(s) what they would suggest for you to do, or to get, for max value?


Any other additional costs that have not already been discussed?


Does the florist need more information from you the bride? If so deliver it in a timely manner – remember your working with the florist, do what you can to help your florist, so that everything goes off clean.


5 things to know about floristsSarasota Florist Contracts – 5 Things to Know


The bill will, in most cases, also serve as the contract with your Sarasota florist – read it. I can’t stress this enough – go over all the small print – it’s a real contract.


All the basic information goes down on the contract – name, address and phone number. The wedding date, delivery locations. All the information about the flowers and arraignments, numbers, colors, style etc. – double check to see if it’s correct.


A list of all the other items and extras – ribbons, decorations, arches etc. If you find anything missing that you feel should be on the contract, talk to your florist immediately to clear it up.


Times for setup, places and venues and correct date. Not a bad idea to go over the times, places and dates just to make sure that everything gets delivered on time.


Finally, the bill which will be the total cost minus your deposit and when the final payment is due-usually on or before your wedding day. Go over everything, if you kept good notes from your florist meeting, re-read them, see if any items were left out. Address any issues as soon as you see them, keep small issues from turning into big drama.

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