Sarasota Beach Wedding Questions

Sarasota Beach Wedding Q & A


How Do We Get Started?

If you want to get started planning your Sarasota beach wedding event the first part of the plan may possible be the hardest: Which one of the many fabulous local area beaches are you going to pick to serve as your Sarasota beach ceremony venue?


Start Your Beach Wedding With One of Our Beach Wedding Packages That Include Your Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Then Add Decorations That Make it Unique.


Sarasota area beaches to pick from include (from south to north) Venice Fl beaches, Siesta Key Beaches then Lido Key Beaches.

We provide beach wedding venue & site location planning to customers as an option.Sarasota Beach Wedding Flowers

Site planning is an important first step toward a successful beach wedding ceremony.

We can include beach wedding planning into any of our Sarasota beach wedding packages at your request, just call us at 941-726-6654 or email us at: and ask for details.


DIY Beach Wedding Planners

How Do I Get The Beach Wedding Permit Myself?

You can do this yourself but; it’s best to have someone that knows how the beach ceremony works do the planning for you.

Too many times the DIY bride or groom end up getting it wrong only because they just don’t know what their doing.


Planning my Sarasota Beach Wedding

How Do I Plan a Destination Beach Wedding in Sarasota?

Now that you have picked the wedding date and we have secured your spot on the beach it’s time to think about the ceremony.

Do you see just the two of you on the beach with a wedding officiant or do you see more than that? 

Most couples want a beautiful wedding arch to help set the scene, and maybe some pictures to capture the moment or a video perhaps.

Will there be relatives and close friends invited to your beach nuptials? You might want chairs for them to sit on…

If you would like help “Planning a beach wedding” call us at 941-726-6654 and we’ll help turn your beach wedding dreams into reality…It’s what we do.

What About Sunset Beach Weddings?

The Sarasota area is great for beach weddings at sunset and that “sunset” time is clearly the most popular time for beach weddings on all of Florida’s west coast beaches.

Sarasota Beach Wedding Tip: Want that “Sunset” wedding on the beach? Another reason to have us plan out the timing for pictures along with the ceremony.

If you need help with “timing,” or any other part of the beach wedding planning process call us at 941-726-6654, we’re here to help you.

Go here for your Sarasota Beach Wedding Sunset Calendar.

What Happens if it Rains?

Rain can occasionally be a problem here in the Sarasota area and it can cause problems for outdoor beach weddings. 

Beach weddings can be difficult to plan and in most cases impossible to reschedule. Friends and family may be in town for only a short time just for your wedding event, every Sarasota beach wedding professional understands this.

So…every effort is made to find a covered area close-by where the wedding ceremony can continue without further interruption, we’ll call that “plan B.”

While “plan B” is used on occasion, everyone will be happy to know that most Sarasota beach wedding ceremonies go on without any interruption or need for plan B.

Go here for general information about Beach Weddings in Sarasota Florida.


DIY Beach Wedding Planners

How Do I Start Planning My Own Beach Wedding?

DIY brides will need to clearly see what it is that they want or in-vision their beach wedding to be. This vision can then be transferred into a list of Sarasota wedding vendors and professionals that need to be called.

Brides who are unfamiliar with the local vendors should plan on meeting at least 2 from each category.

An example of this is: the bride in-visions that video of the wedding ceremony is being taken. The bride then knows that she needs a wedding videographer and should start doing research finding good local videographers to call and interview – don’t forget to ask about and compare fees and services.

All of your Sarasota wedding vendors would be hired following the same steps as above.

Plan on spending a lot of time and effort doing vendor interviews, comparing services & fees.

And don’t forget to correctly coordinate all the vendors for your big day – otherwise things can get messy – FAST. Lastly, keep good notes because wedding planning can get confusing and be very stressful. 

Look for & Read our articles with Tips,Ideas, Guides & Questionnaires on wedding flowers, wedding photography, wedding catering and wedding planning here on Sarasota Wedding Ideas. These articles are here to help Sarasota DIY wedding planners.

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