Casual Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Sarasota Style Beach Wedding Wear for Men


Sarasota Beach Weddings are more casual than a typical wedding event and mens clothing should reflect the casual nature of these outdoor weddings.

So we went out to one of the big box stores (rhymes with Stacy’s) to see if we could find some affordable men’s beach wedding clothes. We focused on men’s shirts and pants. The mens beach wedding wear that we found wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t expensive either.

Don’t forget…if you rent a tuxedo for the wedding event that’s going to cost around $225 and your only going to get to wear it once. Same goes for all of the groomsmen.

So, another benefit for buying an outfit for your “beach wedding in Sarasota” is that you’ll get to wear it over and over again.

This post is only meant to point you in the right direction to get that ‘casual’ / ‘tropical’ Sarasota beach wedding look and feel. Their are plenty of other makers of pants and shirts with a wide range of pricing from the very cheap to the very expensive. So don’t think that what we’ve put together here is a definitive guide on men’s wedding wear because it’s not.

So here’s some tropical beach wedding men’s wear that we found at “Stacy’s”…

Men’s Casual Beach Wedding Clothes


We found Tommy Bahama shirts that we’re perfect for beach weddings or really any casual outdoor event. Their light and cool for the summer and they look great. These Tommy Bahama shirts are made from 100% silk and prices ranged from $90 to $120. Another good fabric blend is cotton & rayon or rayon & poly. Some think that all cotton is best but in our experience you need a fabric that breathes – cotton holds everything in (think body odor) and is not a good choice for Sarasota Florida beach wedding events.

Tommy Bahama beach shirts are not meant to be tucked in -wear them out.

Tommy Bahama Shirts

Sarasota beach wedding attire for men

Sarasota beach wedding attire for men


 This Off-White Color is a Popular Choice

Sarasota Beach Wedding Attire for Men - Tommy Bahama Shirt

Sarasota Beach Wedding Attire for Men – Tommy Bahama Shirt

Plenty of Color Choices Available

Sarasota Beach Wedding Shirts for Men - More Colors

Sarasota Beach Wedding Shirts for Men – More Colors


The best pants we found we’re made for “Stacy’s” – but; we’re sure you could find similar pants elsewhere. The criteria that we used was that we wanted pants that looked great, were light weight and had a soft feel. What we came up with was that the light weight 100% linen material seemed to be the best match for our criteria.

Be careful – some linen material can be very heavy and would not be great for beach wedding events. We looked for only light-weight linen and we just happened to find it at “Stacy’s”. The pants we found were in the $50 to $60 dollar range.

*Note to Men: lightweight linen pants can be very revealing (see-through) so underwear is recommended.


100% Light Weight Linen Pants with a Pinstripe

Sarasota Beach Wedding Attire for Men - Linen pants

Sarasota Beach Wedding Attire for Men – 100% Light-weight Linen pants


Same Pants as above – Closeup of the Pinstripe

Sarasota Beach Wedding Attire for Men - Pinstripe Close-up

Sarasota Beach Wedding Attire for Men – Pinstripe Close-up Photo


These pinstripe linen pants were really soft, comfortable and lightweight. The had other plain colors mostly off whites and tan colors any of which would be good choices.

New & Updated on 4/23/2016

A popular look here in the spring/summer of “2016” is a solid white or soft color shirt with a neutral colored vest complimented with a colorful tie and matching boutonniere. See this look in the picture below. Works & Looks Great and Not Expensive. The boutonniere is designed from Fresh Orchid Flowers…. Beautiful! Love the tie also…. Colorful and goes with the light blue shirt and light grey vest… smart, good-looking choices.


Mens beach Wedding Attire, Vest, Tie & Boutonnière Image


So go shopping at your favorite place and see what you can find to mimic this very popular beach wedding look for men, it’s a great alternative to the typical tux wedding rental.

Still want a tuxedo? Go to our Sarasota area tuxedo rental shops and find the wedding tux that’s right for you.

Most of all… Enjoy you Sarasota Beach Wedding by looking good and being comfortable with what your wearing.


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