‘Lollicakes’ The Wedding Cake Alternative

Wedding Desert’s Big Idea

LolliCakes Lineup for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

   Amy and Erin, Sisters who moved to Sarasota just a few short years ago from Rhode Island (Our Smallest State) and brought with them the Biggest Idea in wedding dessert… Lollicakes! 

These bite size delights do the ‘Cha, Cha, Cha’ with your glands and are apt to send you into choco-orgasmic heaven. But don’t worry, you won’t feel drained after these bite size delights. The only problem with these treats is dealing with the ‘Hard & Fast’ addiction that is Soooo likely to follow.

 The Wedding Cake Alternative

Want something other than the standard wedding cake? Yup, Lollicakes please.What's Your Favorite Flavor LolliCake for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

While their are standard colors and flavors of Lollicakes, choices abound, as Amy told me… “Their are tons of options available, and it can get complicated – Way more complicated than tiny cakes on sticks should be! But we like to think we have an option for everyone to make their day even more perfect.”

But; What’s That You Say – You Still Want To Cut Some Cake! The Lollicake Queen has the answer for that too. They work closely with other local cake shops and will seamlessly include a single or two tier traditional wedding cake into the presentation. Both old world and new coming together for your big day, who could ask for more.

LolliCake Fun Flavors for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

 Combine LolliCakes With a Traditional Wedding Cake for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.comOne LolliCake is Not Enough for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

 Want more information about these delicious treats?

 The Lollicake QueenLolliCakes Store in Sarasota Florida for SarasotaWeddingIdeas.com

1821 Hillview Street, Sarasota Florida 34239

941-955-8101 (Amy and Erin)

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