All Inclusive Sarasota Beach Wedding & Reception Package

That’s right, we finally found that elusive “All Inclusive Beach Wedding & Reception” location right here in Sarasota Florida. In fact our discovery does it 1 better, our package also includes your resort stay. We affectionately call it our “3 Way.” Catchy name. Right!??? No? Fine, lets just agree to disagree and move on…

We’ve searched and searched and now we’ve found that rare combination of beautiful beach location, a cool resort and a fun reception venue all in one tight location right here in sunny Sarasota Florida. Recently renovated from roof to rest area this beach resort still has that old Florida charm, with its’ bright island colors, winding paths and miles of cool white beach with its’ warm ocean breeze and tumbling waves just steps from your front door.

It could also be just a “2 way,” I suppose…. We have a number of couples who would like to combine their beach wedding resort stay with their wedding ceremony on the same beach, and we always love to do that.

This resort is perfect for small beach weddings. It can accommodate from ‘Just a few of you’ all the way to ‘We’ve got some friends and family that are joining us,’ { which is in real numbers would be up to 100 people max }, anything more than that and they call out the authorities on us. 

Contact us now and lets get those beach wedding plans started, or call us at 941-726-6654.

Sarasota Beach Wedding Resort, Front View

 Sarasota Beach Resort Painted in Tropical Colors, Great for Beach Weddings Too!


Sarasota Florida Resort Beach

 Secluded beach view from this Sarasota beach resort, ceremony location and reception venue all-in-one tidy package.

 It’s nice to see just a very few people walking on the beach. That means it’s peaceful, generally quiet and definitely laid back. Wonderful for those couples who want some privacy for their beach wedding and it’s also nice for any friends or family that might be joining the celebration.

Beach Resort Palm Tree Ceremony Location

 These palm trees are just made to frame your beach wedding ceremony with a water backdrop, great for pictures, wow!

The beach sand starts just a couple feet behind those 2 palm trees. You can be married at the beach without actually stepping on sand. We can setup chairs for your close friends and family here on the grass or just feet away on the beach itself. We have a beach wedding package deal from this resort. Combine your wedding ceremony into an all inclusive package deal, accommodation stay…beach ceremony and wedding reception venue all rolled into one.

Use the Contact page or call us at 941-726-6654 to find out more about this beach wedding resort in Sarasota Florida, today.