How To Plan An Anna Maria Island Beach Wedding

This is a step by step guide to successful planning of your Anna Maria Island beach wedding. Like every wedding there’s lots of planning to be done and it’s recommended that the planning be completed at least 6 months out, minimum – 12 months would be better. Count on beach wedding planning to take at least a few weeks and more probably a few months to complete from start to finish. Except: Intimate weddings and vow renewal services that will not be using decorations, like bamboo arch’s canopy’s and chairs, can be planned out and decided upon in as little as a few days. 

Please contact us for an intimate beach wedding on this special (pictures below) Anna Maria Island beach location – just use our Contact form.

Weddings on the beach - Anna Maria Island Florida

A Special Anna Maria Island Beach Location, Great for Small Weddings & Vow Renewals

About Beach Weddings on Anna Maria Island

There are a number of fabulous locations along Anna Maria’s shore line where your ‘Dream Ceremony‘ comes to life. You just gotta know them. Anna Maria Island is also a favorite place for those small and simple ‘Destination or  Elopement‘ weddings…Anna Maria Island is made for bride & groom elopement weddings on the beach.

3 Steps to Planning a Successful Wedding on an Anna Maria Island Beach

Step 1

Step 1: simple, just make the decision that you both want Anna Maria Island as your beach wedding destination. This should be an easy decision.

Step 2

Step 2: planning for your beach wedding decorations, special ceremony and wedding ceremony officiant. Go to our Beach Wedding Packages page on this site and look at all of the arch’s, canopy’s and decorations. You’ll find packages from the simple to the sublime. The officiant is always included.

Step 3

Step 3: fill out our simple Contact Form here on this website. The contact form just sends us an email containing the beach wedding information that you put into the form. Once we receive the email we try our best to answer back, hopefully within minutes to start planning your beach wedding on Anna Maria Island here in Florida.

It’s that simple in only 3 easy steps. 🙂

Special Beach Wedding Places in  Anna Maria Island Florida

Want to get married on the beach in Anna Maria Island?

What about my questions – I have lots of questions:

Just contact us, we’re happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us thru our on-site Contact Form; Call Us at 941-726-6654 or email us at:

Anna Maria Island is best for small and simple beach weddings, which is perfect for small destination weddings, elopements and vow renewals too. And while decorative arch’s and canopy’s are wonderful some of the locations on Anna Maria are best suited to the simple. Anna Maria Island – Where less is definitely more appropriate

What about large beach weddings on Anna Maria? 

Large wedding parties can be accommodated on Anna Maria, just ask us about your options and again please start the planning process well ahead of time. Contact us as soon as possible when requesting information on beach weddings on Anna Maria of more than 20 people.

More About: Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a long but narrow island off of Florida’s west central coast, just south of the Tampa – St. Petersburg Florida area.

Anna Maria Island is one of the last places fighting the push towards the inevitable which is condominium & resort sprawl. As of now, the island continues to capture that old cracker Florida small town charm with it’s vibrantly colored shops and single family residences along narrow, slowly moving single lane roads and colorful ‘old town’ area.

Anna Maria Island's Colorful Shops

Anna Maria Island’s Colorful Shops

The beaches hug the outer edges of Anna Maria, coarse white sand and crushed shell swirl together into something gloriously soothing and continuously tranquil. Or maybe it’s just the Island itself giving off that “Don’t worry, be happy” kind of vibe… in any case, this place is cool  calm and definately happy.

Brides and grooms who arrive here for a beach wedding marriage soon realize what a nice feeling it is to chill out… no need to hustle in this place and no ‘want to‘ either.