How to Make Posed Wedding Photos Exciting

Imagination Can Transform Posed Wedding Photos Into Unique Treasures 

“I don’t want my wedding photos to look like Mom and Dad’s.”

We’ve heard that comment more than a few times from brides and grooms.

The wedding day is a very special day…a unique day in every respect, and your wedding photography should reflect that.

Line em up!

Gone are the days of lining up the parents and wedding party for posed photo shoots. Thank goodness. Those photo lineups have no imagination or uniqueness. How, B.L.A.N.D.

We’re not having posed photos at our wedding!

It’s a shame that many couples aren’t having posed photos.


Too many couples hired a photographer with no imagination or experience in the art of posed photography.

After all, good photography is an art form, or at least it’s supposed to.

Get posed photos your way…and eat your cake to!

There is no reason for posed wedding photos to be bland (sans imagination) anymore! We’re here to give wedding couples everywhere ideas for fun and fabulous wedding day photos that will rock-it-out.

We have 3 wedding photo ideas for you to use. Don’t feel like you need to use all of these techniques, you’ll get fab photos using one good idea.

Below are some ideas to make those posed wedding photos something that will bring-on-the-smiles for years to come. You and your photographer need to fill in the details, don’t be shy now.

Also, the bride, groom or any member of the wedding party can help think about locally based ideas by using our suggestions below combined with a little imagination.

Don’t forget to make it fun and easy to do.


Props, props and more props…

Just like in the movies it’s all about the props.

Think small, think big & don’t forget to think in between.

From what you’re wearing to all the things that are around you can be considered props to use.

Start with creative use of props that are already in your environment – no cost props are great!  If you aren’t the creative type your photographer needs to be the genius here. Think out of the box. Look for clues, start by asking “who are my bride and groom,” “what are they all about?”

Quick Prop Example: In the brides dressing room…use chairs, couches, walls, doors, mirrors, beds, tables, and closets etc. like props on a set. Have fun with it, laugh a lot.

Outdoor Prop Ideas:

  • Hats
  • Cains
  • Umbrellas
  • Love-seats (light plastic outdoor type)
  • Chairs & small end tables (plastic, cloth cover if necessary)
  • Benches
  • Fences
  • Door steps
  • Stair cases (indoor or outdoor)
  • Porches
  • Barn doors
  • Hold a hand made sign
  • Swing-sets
  • Bar stools
  • Barrels
  • Bails of hay

Key Point: Use props in a creative, unexpected way whenever possible.


Spatial Use?…don’t worry, I’ll explain…

The use of “Space” in photography, pertaining to foreground and background placement. This technique can be used whether the bridal party is inside a small room or open outdoor space.

Make “set” photos look more natural by random placement of the wedding party. Some in the foreground some to the sides, others in the background, keep it real and combine with props if possible.

Tip: You should NOT see ‘people placement patterns’ (PPP) in this type of photo, random is the key.

Idea: Combine this by having your wedding photographer use “depth of field” photography. Have the bride and groom in focus in the foreground with the rest of the wedding party behind and slightly out of focus. Try it out in “Black & White” too.


Neighborhood & Nature photo locations

From small towns and corn fields to big city lights; what does your hood have that would be a fun and interesting photo backdrop?

Is the photo location within a few minutes’ drive from your ceremony or reception venue? If it is, plan on having the wedding party limo stop there for photos. With a little coordination your photographer will already be there, ready to snap what may be the best photos of the day.

Fun photo locations: Old brick buildings, Train tracks, Alley ways (need to be clean & well lit), A Zoo or farm (with animals as props), Waterfalls, Beaches, Gardens, Big trees, Playgrounds, Any place with water, Historical locations, Amusement parks (prop heaven) or at your local Saturday farmers market.

Got some ideas already? Where do you want to go?