How To Get A Beach Wedding & Resort Stay For Less

Beach Wedding & Resort Stay Deals

Here’s what we do…

We do beach weddings & wedding packages for all Sarasota Fl beaches like Siesta key beach, Lido key beach and to our south all of the Venice Florida beaches. In addition to that we cover all of the Bradenton beaches including Anna Maria Island beach weddings.

Mostly we work with brides and grooms who want to make one of these area beaches their destination for a beach wedding and they contact us about one of our beach wedding packages.

The problem…

The destination beach wedding group of brides and grooms coming to the gulf coast Florida area from other states is huge and their missing out on getting deals on their resort stay. This happens because they book the resort first and then contact us about a wedding package and that’s the problem.

Brides need to contact us first, book one of our beautiful beach wedding packages… Then we can refer them to the most popular beach resorts in the area. Our beach resort partners will give our customers deals on their wedding stay.

Why do resorts give our customers deals?

Easy, because we’re bringing the customer directly to them. The resorts don’t need to do anything.

The resorts don’t need to spend a penny for advertizing or marketing to get one of our customers. And believe me, all the resorts spend a lot of money on ads to get a customer to stay in one of their rooms.

Do the beach resorts pass along the savings?

Yes, it’s simple really. We bring them customers and they pass the ‘Ad & Marketing’ savings back to our customers for their entire stay.

How about all the guests arriving for our beach wedding?

Yes, same deal. Our beach resort partners will give deals to all of our customers and their guests.

How do I get these beach resort deals?

Wedding couples can get resort deals on Sarasota Florida resorts, Siesta key resorts, Lido Key resorts as well as Anna Maria Resorts in Bradenton Fl.

These resort stay deals are available to all of our beach wedding customers who have a paid deposit on one of our beach wedding packages or officiant services with us.

We know the good resorts and the resorts to stay away from, Do You?

We live here in Sarasota Fl.,we know and have been to all of the resorts. We know the good ones from the not-so-good ones and we’ll only send our customers to the resorts that meet our standards. This is just another service we offer free of charge to all beach wedding customers. Help you save money on your destination wedding here on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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