How to Book Top Wedding Venues at Budget Prices

Book Top Wedding Venues at Budget Prices

Top wedding venues and reception sites are always high priced options but; there is a way to book the best wedding venues at cheap or value pricing.

Let’s see how…

Top Wedding Venues Command Top Prices

Book Top Wedding Venues

At Budget Pricing

Top wedding & reception venues command top pricing because of their superior location, service and attention to detail. These wedding sites have the best of everything. Many of these best reception sites are older, ornate and have a long history as a top wedding site.

History Note: In the 1970’s their was “no cost” to have your wedding event at most of today’s top sites in Sarasota.

Local Example Works Everywhere

I’ll use an example from a top wedding venue in Sarasota Florida. Top wedding venues all over the country use a similar pricing “structure,” so my method to “get it cheap” should work everywhere in the U.S.

My Sarasota Wedding Venue Example

An example of this is the Ringling Museum in Sarasota Florida. The structure is large with over-the-top ornate detailing. The famous circus magnet John & Mable Ringling used it as their winter home on Sarasota’s bay front for many years.

This one time home was transformed into a public museum which draws thousands of visitors every year and houses John Ringling’s personal collection of paintings and sculptures by master artists the world over.

The Ringling Museum also happens to be a Top Wedding Venue in Sarasota Florida.

The Ringling Museum, like many other top wedding sites, commands a good chunk of change to book as a wedding event site. The standard pricing for a wedding event at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota is $9,000 (as of July 1st 2015) for that coveted late Saturday time slot.

Get Your Top Wedding Site at a Value Price

Follow my method of booking a top reception venue at value pricing.

It’s clear that just about everyone wants to tie the knot late on a Saturday Afternoon with the reception that follows into Saturday evening.

Why not book your wedding earlier in the day on Saturday or better yet – on an “off day.”

An off day is any day of the week Except late Saturday/Saturday night for most event sites.

My favorite “off day” is Friday, book the wedding for late on a Friday afternoon and carry the wedding reception into the night – why not?

Friday starts the weekend, sure some of the guests would have to leave work a little early to make the wedding vows on time but; the savings can be huge.


Tip: Look for local wedding venues that are owned by Town, City, County or the Federal Government.

Why? Because the cost to rent one of these facilities on your wedding day may be as much as 50 to 75% less than a comparable for-profit venue.


Let’s go back to my Ringling Museum wedding site example

The regular price to rent out the Ringling is $9,000 (As of July 1st 2015) but; the museum can be booked for a wedding on Saturday morning from 10 am to 2 pm.

The Cheap or Value pricing for a wedding (Ceremony  Only) at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota is $2,500 with a max of 100 people while they are open to the public. Note: No food, beverage or amplified music allowed.

So brides can have a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Ringling, restrictions do apply. Please call the Ringling Museum to confirm current pricing and restrictions that may apply for daytime wedding ceremonies. is not affiliated with the Ringling Museum.

Sarasota Florida Outdoor Wedding & Event Planners Here.

My Local Method Works Everywhere for Every Bride

This same method works everywhere and many top wedding reception venues will gladly rent out their facility on off days at a fraction of the cost from their standard pricing.

What brides-to-be need to do is ask around at their (Dream) top wedding venues for these types of deals to find out what’s offered.

Added Benefits to Off-Day Wedding Rental Method

Off-day, not-prime-time wedding events produce added savings.

Value pricing can be expected from all vendors using this method. And why not. Wedding vendors get to book an additional wedding event but, they don’t get to charge full pricing – cheaper/budget pricing is expected using this event booking method.

The Question for Brides

The question is: Would you change your wedding to an off-day to get your dream wedding venue?

Couples need to have this discussion early on so you can book the reception site and plan accordingly. It’s one of the very first things that need to be done in the wedding planning process.

Happy Wedding Venue Hunting.


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