Flower Planning: 6 Tips & 3 Reminders

Sarasota florists are well represented when it comes to the art of designing fabulous wedding arrangements.

Tips & Reminders

Many Sarasota florists have been serving brides beautiful wedding arrangements for 20 or more years.

Any Sarasota florist that is showcased on Sarasota Wedding Ideas has shown a dedication of excellence towards their craft and a genuine love for the art of floral arrangement and design.

Most Sarasota florists serve the Bradenton area as well. Brides may want to mix and match wedding professionals from both areas that provide their best match.

Bradenton Florist: 6 Tips

6 Tips for Picking the Right Florist

• Visit 3 florists; look at the pictures of previous work and around their shop.


• Do you like the arrangements that you see in the shop?


• Do you like their portfolio pictures of weddings that they have recently done?


• Are the pictures dated or are they keeping up with current trends?


• Does the designer seem willing to work with you?


• Do you feel comfortable with your florist? Go with your first instinct on this.


Tips On When To Book Your Florist

You can start your research into all thing wedding at any time. And generally, the sooner the better. We suggest that you start your search for a florist about 8 months before the big day.

The actual contract booking of the florist should be completed 3-5 months ahead of your marriage date.

You’ll want to be able to give the florist your ceremony location as well as your reception site at this time. Ask the florist if they need any other information from you at this time.

Additionally you may want to ask the florist what the cut-off date is for last minute changes, you know – Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred decided that the can make it after all and along with a few other last minute additions you now have 2 more reception tables to set up that need centerpieces.

If you don’t get that last minute information about changes and/or additions to your Sarasota florist in time they may not be able to get specific flowers that are needed. Many flowers are ordered sometimes months in advance by the florist.


3 RemindersBradenton Florist: 3 Reminders


Try not to book your wedding date around a holiday. If you are getting married around another holiday understand that not only florists may be busy during the holiday but many of the other wedding vendors may be busy during the holiday also.


After you visit with any Sarasota florist, resist immediate booking. If you started your search early enough you have plenty of time. The goal is to visit 3 florists in Sarasota or Bradenton, take plenty of notes, then go home and sleep on it for a nite or two.


If the price is too high, ask about replacing expensive flowers that need to be shipped in from Europe or South America to more inexpensive domestic flowers. You should be aware that for many expensive special order flowers there may be value conscience domestic alternatives.

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