Do I Need a Planner for My Beach Wedding?

If you’ve been asking yourself whether to hire a wedding planner for a local Sarasota beach wedding, the short answer is… NO!

The long answer is…NOOoooooo!

It’s not that beach weddings are easy to put together, believe me… They are not easy!

But; you don’t need a typical “Sarasota Beach Wedding Planner” for your wedding because of us… that’s right, as in us here at Beach Wedding Canopy


Because… We do Elegant Sarasota beach weddings every day. That’s right; think of us as your own Sarasota beach wedding planners.


We’ll deliver the arch or canopy, set-it-up and after the ceremony is over… we’ll break it down and take it away.

And… along with some chairs…well, let’s just say…that makes for some pretty comfy wedding digs at the beach if you ask us.

Our elegant canopy’s can be customized to any bridal color choices.

Need a wedding officiant? No problem…we’ve got wedding officiants on speed dial. If you would rather use your own Minister, officiant or clergy… that’s fine too.

What else do you want? How about some wedding day flowers?


How about music at the ceremony or photos of your once in a lifetime beach wedding event? Yeah, we can set all those up too from our hand selected beach wedding vendors.

At our beach wedding planners produce elegant beach weddings from Venice Florida to Anna Maria Island and every beach wedding location in-between.


Two of the more popular Sarasota beach wedding places are Lido beach behind St. Armand’s Circle and at Siesta Public Beach on Siesta Key in Sarasota.

But really, there’s plenty of great local “Sarasota” beaches to get hitched at, so don’t feel like you have to go to the “Popular” ones. Call us, we’ll talk about it.

Another idea to consider is having an outdoor wedding “Not at the Beach.” Sarasota has plenty of cool parks and outdoor locations where you could have the ceremony. I call these “Not a Beach Wedding”…Sorry I lost track there for a moment.

Anyway…just give us a jingle at 941-726-6654 and let us start planning your Sarasota Beach Wedding.

Or Siesta Key Beach Wedding.

Or Lido Key Beach Wedding.

Or… maybe even a “Not a Beach Wedding.”


Call us at 726-6654 when you’re ready to – “DO THIS BEACH WEDDING THING!”


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