Should My Wedding Planner Be Certified?

For brides who will be hiring a Sarasota wedding planner; one question pops up – are certified wedding planners better?

Brides take it for granted that anyone who advertises themselves as a wedding planner must know what they’re doing. Most people are in a word ‘trusting,’ that’s how we American’s are. That’s also how we American’s usually end up getting burnt – A little too trusting for our own good.

So – What do brides do?

Should I Only Consider Certified Sarasota Wedding Planners?

Looking for certification in the field of wedding planners and asking about real world experience are two sides of the same coin. Both certification and experience demonstrate knowledge in wedding planning.

Newly certified wedding planners have a valuable education – but are lacking real world experience. The usual problems here are that education usually clashes with reality, at least in the beginning. Newer Sarasota wedding planners usually need a few weddings to get their sea legs, so to speak.

American Bridal Consultant LogoCertified Wedding Planner: Associations & Programs

Most certification programs begin by educating the student on the basics of wedding planning and later on the finer points and specialties of wedding coordination. There are a number of wedding planning, wedding coordinator and bridal consultant programs available. The most important point is not which program a Sarasota wedding planner attended but what they learned and whether wedding planning is their passion.

The program at the Association of Bridal Consultants is one of the oldest and most respected of them all. This association has been around since 1955 and provides a full training bridal consultant program as well as continuing education and ongoing seminars.

Experienced Wedding Planners and Coordinators

Real world experience shows that you can get the job done at a very basic level. And then there are those Sarasota wedding planners who not only ‘get the job done,’ they get the job done in style.

Brides may find Sarasota wedding planners that have been ‘doing it’ forever, without ever taking classes and without any sort of certification. For them, the real world is their classroom, and they’re in it every day.

Should the bride walk away from a Sarasota wedding planner like this? A wedding planner with great experience but no certification – What to do? The real world educated wedding planner may be better at the art than any other planner, certified or not, so don’t walk away just because the planner isn’t certified.

The Ultimate Sarasota Wedding Planner

The ultimate Sarasota wedding planner has both experience and certification. The ultimate wedding planner is also constantly continuing their education by attending seminars and classes on a regular basis.

It’s great to get education in the field of wedding planning, it’s even better if that education is current. So ask your Sarasota wedding planner about the last seminar or class they attended. Change happens in every field. And continuing education is a great way to stay current with these changes.

Sarasota Wedding Planner Intangibles

The job of wedding planner is more art form than science. And because it is more art than science it is the intangibles in a person that make a great wedding planner. We don’t know what these ‘intangibles’ are that make a great Sarasota wedding planner. So it’s impossible to say what to look for.

But, we do know one thing.

Similar to how a light bulb gives off heat; all great wedding planners have one thing that they give off – Passion. Passion is the tell-tale sign that you might be talking to – not ‘just’ a Sarasota wedding planner – but a wedding planning artist.

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