Bradenton Wedding Venues – Beach Weddings

Bradenton has plenty of Wedding Venues, Places and Locations. One of the favorite Bradenton wedding places has to be the Bradenton Beach wedding location. This beach wedding place is filled with small mom and pop type shops all centered around Bridge Street.

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We snapped some pictures from this beach location just as a beach wedding event was about to happen. The Bradenton beach area is public which means that you can set up some chairs, an arch and you’ve got an affordable wedding venue for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding receptions are just steps away at one of the local Bradenton beach restaurants, there are a few within walking distance from the beach. Beach weddings are affordable and great for couples on a tight budget.

Bradenton wedding venues - Bradenton Beach weddingPublic Access point to Bradenton Beach at Bridge Street





Bradenton Beach Wedding location






Pictures of the public access to this part of Bradenton Beach. A wedding ceremony was about to happen while we were there. Parking in this area can be a pain, lots of side street parking.





Bradenton beach wedding event about to happenPlenty of room on the beach – it’s fairly flat, which is great and a beach wedding doesn’t get in the way of everybody else. This wedding ceremony set up had 39 chairs and could have been larger – no problem – plenty of space.


Bradenton Beach area shops







Lots of fun shopping in the Bridge Street area.

Bridge Street area



Local places to have a wedding reception




A number of places for a wedding reception, all within walking distance from the beach.

Bradenton beach area



Bridge street pier









At the East end of Bridge Street is the Bradenton Beach Pier – easy walking distance – about 4 minute walk from the beach location.

Bradenton Beach Pier area



This is the walkway to the pier and their is public parking at the city pier location. Great view of the water front and bay.

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