50th Anniversary Vow Renewal on Siesta Beach

A very windy day couldn’t stop this wonderful wedding vow renewal from its intended journey out on Siesta Key Beach here in Sarasota Fl.

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So, on a Tuesday afternoon we were asked to set up our beach wedding arch for a 50th anniversary vow renewal. Beautiful flowers in purple and white with an upscale white fabric were included along with the bamboo arch. Although on this day strong winds made our fabric look more like a boat sail than a wedding decoration but that’s mother nature, we have no control.

Beach Wedding Vow Renewal

Now, it’s not that weddings aren’t special – they are. But, only once in a while do we get to see what true love looks like after 50 years together and still going strong. That’s something we don’t get to see every day and definitely something to take notes about.

We also think it’s great when the children and grandchildren are included in the sand ceremony and shell toss. Vow renewals are the perfect opportunity to include the youngest family members. Children bring their own unique personalities & comments to these ceremonies which can add some really funny moments.

Sarasota Beach Wedding Sand Ceremony

So, the next time you need a beach wedding arch or canopy for that special anniversary vow renewal give us a call. And don’t forget to bring the whole family, you’ll be glad you did.

Go to our Sarasota beach wedding services page for more information, you might want to see pictures of our wedding packages also. Don’t forget, Just because we call just about everything on this website a wedding doesn’t mean that we don’t love ‘Vow Renewals’ too. Think of us as the vow renewal experts here in the Sarasota Florida area.


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