5 Tips to Beach Wedding Success

DIY Beach Wedding Planners

Beach weddings in Florida are popular, and why not. Traditional weddings average around $30,000 and while there’s plenty who pony up that kind of money there’s many more looking for more affordable options… and in Florida the #1 option is the affordable “Beach Wedding.”

Brides should be able to expect that they can have a beautiful beach wedding ceremony with 20 guests for $1,000 on the low side and $2,000 on the high side, that’s for just the ceremony the reception is another matter altogether.

Here’s 5 tips for all those DIY beach wedding brides. We hope that these tips are of help to your beach wedding success here in Florida.


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Tip #1: Options

Plan B

The first and most important tip is to have a plan B in place for your wedding day. Mother Nature is unpredictable at best, even more-so in Florida – don’t leave your wedding day to chance.

Private Venues

Many private beach wedding venues have indoor or covered areas where the ceremony will continue in case of bad weather. These private beach wedding venues have a ready-made plan B on-site. Problem solved.

Public Beaches

The bride and groom will need to find their own “plan B” for any public beach ceremony they plan.

Some public beaches have covered areas onsite others have none – check these out in-person before the decision is made. Don’t forget, just because a covered area exists doesn’t mean it will be available.

Best Idea – Have an indoor venue as your backup plan, the logical choice would be your reception location. Pre-plan for this in advance.

Remember this is your big day, put the effort into finding a plan B that works, you’ll be glad you did.


5 tips to beach wedding success


Tip #2: Parking

Count Spaces

Are you inviting 80 guests to a beach wedding with 20 parking spaces – better find out now, you might need to change the beach location or plan how to shuttle the guests in and out.

Visit First

Visit the beach on the same day and time that you’ll be getting married – look around, count how many parking spaces that are available and their proximity to where you’re getting hitched.


Tip #3: How will they find you?

Bread Crumbs

Think about where your guests are coming from – If any of your guests unfamiliar with the area you might want to supply extra visual clues or bread-crumbs.

Are the directions clear – read and re-read the directions before mailing them.

Once parked, are people going to easily find the beach area & entrance where you’re getting married?

Parking Lot Directions

Include directions from the parking lot to the actual wedding event location on the beach.

Use signs at the beach – have your nephew stand at the beach entrance with 2 brightly colored balloons pointing the way.


Tip #4: How far to walk?

Any older or disabled guests on the invite list?

Allow some extra time so that everyone who wants to be at the ceremony can do so. Also think about how to help your some of your guests get to the beach ceremony easily. Beach wheel-chairs?


Tip #5: Supply water

Too much Sun

In Florida you’ll be dehydrated in a short time when the sun is out, even during those cooler months.

Guests may also want to avoid the sun, so along with directions to the wedding event remind all guests that they might want to bring a sun umbrella for protection.

Also, supply a cooler of bottled water – your guests will love you for it.


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