3 Sarasota Wedding Theme Ideas

3 Sarasota Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you having a difficult time coming up with a great theme idea for your wedding?

Sarasota wedding planners are involved in weddings each and every day – and “see it all.” Let the wedding planners in Sarasota show you these 3 great wedding theme ideas that can be used for your Sarasota wedding – we make wedding planning easy.

Feel free to steal these 3 theme ideas or just use them to get your own creative juices flowing.

Movie Star Theme

Movie star themes are hot – pick your favorite movie and dress up as the star and starlet. It doesn’t matter if the movie was from yester-day or yester-year.

Imagine you both dressed up as the star and starlet from the 1942 triple Oscar winning hit film “Casablanca.”Movie Wedding Theme Idea Image

The groom will look so classy as Humphrey Bogart who starred and dresses in an all white tux & black bow tie. Wear a vintage brim hat to complete the look.

The bride dresses as Bogart’s leading lady – the beautiful Ingrid Bergman in a champagne colored silhouetted gown with long detailed lacing down the back.

Finish it off with vintage 1940’s hairstyles & accessories – all of which are hot right now.

Dance your wedding reception away to Casablanca’s musical hits – “It had to be you” and “The very thought of you.” Both – very cool.

Hawaiian Wedding Theme ImageHawaiian Theme

A Sarasota or Siesta Key beach location with its crystal white sand would be a cool backdrop for a Hawaiian style wedding theme.

Start with a coconut, palm & flower laced arch and dress as native Hawaiians. After the wedding ceremony it’s off to the reception where the chef is serving a traditional Hawaiian pig roast for all the guests.

Hire a caterer who will have the entire wait staff and bar tenders dressed in Hawaiian beach wear including leis around the neck and beautiful tropical hibiscus flowers in the hair.

Don’t forget some traditional Hawaiian steel guitar music to enhance the theme.

Tribute Theme

A tribute wedding theme would be your ultimate recognition of their greatness.

The wedding couple could take on the role of 2 fabulous, famous or infamous people that have passed on and do a wedding theme recreation from some jaw-dropping moment in time from their lives. Bonnie & Clyde anyone?Tribute Wedding Theme Image

Pick people that passed on recently or all the way back to the beginning of time.

How about a caveman wedding theme – now that would be fun – LOL!

Or how about an Adam and Eve wedding theme where the couple wears barely anything and the wedding rings are presented sticking out of an apple?


These are just 3 Sarasota wedding theme ideas that will help make your wedding day planning easier.

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  1. The Hawaiian wedding theme would be best for like a Siesta Key Beach wedding.