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 As you probably already know our Sarasota wedding planners service is up and running. The planning service is, very basically, brides contact us and we, here at SWI, in turn get in touch with 3 local wedding planners who will then send an event planning proposal to the bride.

Brides-to-be seem to like the idea of being able to get 3 planning proposals. Brides then get to choose which of the Sarasota wedding planners that they want to contact back for more details or to finalize the planner’s contract and get started.

We know that brides are shopping around for wedding planners anyway – why not let us make the wedding planner shopping easy.

Why Are We Doing This?


Great Question.

Many of the local wedding planners we have contacted want to know, WHY are we doing this? And further, WHAT do we get out of it?

The answer to both questions can be summed up like this. First, we don’t “get” any money out of this – it’s a FREE service for both Brides and for the wedding planners we work with. Really – FREE – No strings attached – We make No, that’s Zero $0 dollars from this service.

Why do we do it?

Because it’s a great service that brides love and that’s what our site is all about – providing great services for brides. Maybe we’re crazy or maybe we’re just emotional basket cases constantly looking for love.

I do get the feeling that some local wedding planners aren’t too happy about our “Free Wedding Planner” service – Oh well, that’s their problem not ours.

Free Wedding Planner Jobs for Local Wedding & Event Planners


This is really a “no-brainer” for wedding event planners. All wedding event planners have to do is contact us, we will then do our checking around to make very sure that your wedding planning credentials stand up to our requirements for approval.

In essence, as long as you’re great at what you do “wedding event planning,” then we would love to have you join us.

And why not?

You’ll be getting FREE job leads – we’re doing the marketing for you.

As that old saying goes, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Calling All Wedding PlannersCalling all Sarasota Wedding Planners

We at SWI have had great success signing up Sarasota wedding planners but, we want more. We’re looking for more local wedding planners.

So if you’re a Bradenton Wedding Planner, St. Petersburg Wedding Planner, Venice Wedding Planner contact us by email at: SarasotaWeddingPlanners (at) gmail (dot) com.

We’re also looking for specialty wedding planners like: Beach wedding planners, Budget wedding planners and Theme wedding planners for future wedding planner jobs.

If you’re a local wedding planner and you have or do some type of specialty wedding event planning – let’s talk.

Brides Go Here

Brides-to-be should go to our Sarasota Wedding Planners Service page – don’t forget to give us as much information about your upcoming wedding as possible. Wedding planners will be using the information you provide to work up a proposal to send back.

So, the more info – the better and more accurate the wedding planners will be. Don’t be afraid to estimate the number of guests or budget amount – those numbers are not set in stone early on and are very changeable by the bride.

Happy Wedding Planning To All from SWI.

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